Eden Energy Medicine Certification Classes


This class is much larger than my Foundations class. How will I connect with other students?

We receive overwhelming praise for the comprehensive nature of our program. We have been told that the level of education a student receives at the EEMCP cannot be beat. And, we love to have fun! There will be opportunities to “Meet & Mingle” which is a great opportunity to meet fellow students and faculty. We know that “connecting with your tribe” and making new friends is one of the most meaningful benefits of our educational program and we help to foster that as much as we can.

What are the prerequisites for entering Year 2?

Students entering Year 2 must have completed the Year 1: Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Classes.

Registration for Year 2 often opens before Year 1 Class 4 has finished, and current Class 4 students may proceed with registration when it opens. If you do not complete your Class 4 tests by the time Class 5 registration ends, we will be happy to cancel your registration as outlined on the registration form under "Terms and Conditions".

What if I'm not able to enter Year 2 directly after I complete Year 1?

Students may take one year off between Year 1 and Year 2 without having to repeat any classes. They will be required to attend the Review Class before the start of Class 5 when they enter Year 2 (details about the Review Class are further down this page).

Students who take two or more years off between Year 1 and Year 2 are required to repeat the Year 1 Foundations Classes as an auditor before proceeding on to Year 2 (paying 1/2 the regular tuition).

For more details about auditing or taking time off within Year 2, please contact one of the Year 2 Regional Directors.

How do I register for Year 2 classes?

Every January, an email announcing the opening of Year 2 registration is sent to qualifying students, containing a link to the online Class 5 registration form.

Registration for each Year 2 class (Classes 5-8) takes place online via a registration link emailed to qualifying students.

You can also visit our Year 2 registration page and click on the “Enroll Now” tab in the top menu: Year 2 Enroll

How can I find out about the EEMCP Year 2 curriculum, program details, etc.?

On this EEMCP Year 2 page of our website we’ve listed many details about the program.

Where do Year 2 classes take place?

Year 2 – U.S. classes are held in three regional locations:

  • Eastern Region: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Central Region: Chicago, Illinois
  • Western Region: Phoenix, Arizona

Year 2 – U.K. classes are held periodically in England. Please check our website for more details.

What are the Year 2 class dates and how often do classes meet?

Year 2 classes meet quarterly for one year.

  • Each of the four classes lasts five days.

Class dates vary for each Region and are listed separately on each Region’s page. Please visit the main Year 2 page and click on the tab for each Region: Year 2

How much does tuition cost and what else can I expect to pay in Year 2?

Year 2 tuition is listed here alongside other expected/optional costs: Year 2 Tuition

Payment in full for each class is due with each class registration submission.

Is financial assistance available for these classes?

Please check with the Year 2 Regional Director of your choice to see if they are offering financial assistance.

How do I reserve a hotel room and what do I do about meals?

Year 2 hotel and meal information can be found on each Region’s web page. Please visit the main Year 2 page and click on the tab for each Region: Year 2

Are there any other EEM events that take place during regular Year 2 classes?

Yes! We have Review Classes to help students assimilate material from previous classes. We also have exciting Post Classes taught by our faculty, guest speakers, and teachers outside of the EEMCP.

  • Information about Year 2 optional Review and Post Classes is listed on each Region’s web page. Please visit the main Year 2 page and click on the tab for each Region: Year 2

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Please contact the Year 2 Regional Director of your choice and ask for their Cancellation Policy. You will also receive the Cancellation Policy at the bottom of every class registration form.

What are the benefits of completing Year 2 and becoming certified in Eden Energy Medicine?

Graduates of EEMCP Year 2 receive a diploma from the Year 2 Regional Program where they completed Class 8. This diploma signifies completion of the EEMCP.

The Year 2 Regional Program diploma is a prerequisite to apply for status as a Certified Practitioner. No title is given upon graduating from the EEMCP. A title will be given once a student becomes “Certified.”

Active practitioners have the opportunity to be listed on our Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner Directory.

•There are many opportunities for EEMCP graduates to further their EEM studies and also learn how to teach EEM - please see this flow chart for details.

How do I maintain Active EEM Certified Practitioner status?

Active practitioner status is maintained by renewing your EEM Continued Training Certificate through Continued Training courses (please look at this page of our website to find out about required CT hours, how the hours are achieved, time-frames within which to do so, etc.).

Are Continuing Education Credits (CEs) offered for my profession?

EEMCP Year 2 is not offering CEs at this time. If you would like more information about CEs offered for other Innersource-sponsored classes, please click here: Continuing Education

Is there an EEMCP Student Handbook containing program policies and procedures?

Students are provided access to the EEMCP Year 2 Student Handbook at the beginning of the Year 2 classes by their Year 2 Regional Director.

It is the responsibility of all students to become familiar with program policies and procedures in the EEMCP Year 2 Student Handbook, and to watch for updates.

Who can I talk to if I have further questions?

If you still need to speak with someone directly about Year 2, please email the Regional Director of your choice:

We hope we have answered your questions, and we look forward to seeing you in Year 2!

Karen BerryEEMCP Year 2 – FAQ