Eden Energy Medicine Certification Classes

Year 2 - Graduation Requirements

The final step to becoming an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (Year 2 graduate), after meeting all other requirements, is the student's graduation session with an active EEMCP faculty member. The goal of this session is to show the student's competency with the topics that have been covered in Year 1 and Year 2 of the EEMCP. The student is also asked to demonstrate the ability to move comfortably between the energy systems while maintaining sensitivity to the demonstration subject and their energies.

This graduation session is to take place within 90 days of completion of Class 8. If there are topics for which competency is not demonstratied during the session, the student will have the opportunity to arrange subsequent sessions until both the student and the EEMCP faculty member agree that all topics have been mastered. If this is necessary, the student will pay the faculty member for their extra time.

Karen BerryEEMCP Year 2 – Graduation Requirements