Year 2: Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program

Program Details: Goals and Overview

The goal of Year 2 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP) is for students to obtain a firm foundation in the approach to Energy Medicine that Donna has developed over the past 3 decades, and to develop the skill levels necessary to begin using these techniques for promoting health. The majority of people taking the program plan to use what they learn in an energy medicine practice or as a complement to another healing modality.


EEMCP Year 2 is a one-year program that follows the Year 1: EEM Foundations Classes. Students must complete Year 1 before entering Year 2.


Year 2 consists of four quarterly classes (5-days long in the US; 4-days long in the UK - both containing the same amount of hours), plus homework between classes.

Teaching Modalities:

Each 4 or 5-day session includes a balanced mix of teaching and practice time, and is a class as well as a practicum.

Basic Content:

The curriculum in each of the four Year 2 classes covers information and skills originally taught by Donna Eden, which is anchored with repeated practice during and after class. Also covered in Year 2 are professional issues such as ethics and developing a practice.

Establishing Competency:

After each of the first three classes in Year 2 (Class 5, Class 6, and Class 7), students submit a written "open-book" test on the material covered in the class. They also perform a demonstration session (either via Skype, DVD, or in-person with their assigned supervisor for that class) showing competency in the hands-on aspects of the material they recently learned

Finally, to graduate from Year 2 after Class 8, students are required to perform a graduation session to successfully demonstrate competency with the topics studied in Year 2 as well as a personal readiness to hold themselves out as a professional to the public.

Thereafter, in order to maintain an Active EEM Practitioner status, graduates of Year 2 must renew their EEM Continued Training Certificate.

Professional Listing:

EEMCP Year 2 graduates who maintain an Active EEM Practitioner status will have the opportunity to be listed as a practitioner on the Eden Energy Medicine Certified Pracitioner Directory.

Other Benefits:

Graduates of EEMCP Year 2 qualify to go on to EEMCP Year 3: Clinical Practicum and/or to learn how to teach Eden Energy Medicine in TEEM 101.

Year 2 graduates are offered discounted "practitioner rates" on select Eden Energy Medicine conferences, as well as discounts on many Innersource products. They also have the opportunity to purchase personalized EEM promotional brochures designed exclusively for EEMCP graduates and other forms of professional support.

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