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Eden Energy Medicine Certification Classes Year 2 - European Region

Welcome to Year 2 in the United Kingdom!

Wotton House

Wotton House

The European Regional classes are held at Wotton House hotel near Dorking, England. It is an estate like no other. In what was once the former seat of the Evelyn family, this 17th-century house has a long tradition of entertaining guests.

From the 17th century Italian gardens – the first in England – to the pillared library, you’ll discover something unexpected and delightful at every turn. What’s remained throughout the centuries is the sense of warmth, charm and individuality.

All of the rooms are individually designed. What’s constant is the sense of style and charm that have become synonymous with Wotton House throughout the centuries. The extraordinary love of botanicals and wildlife are brought to life in all of the rooms through beautifully detailed works of art and textiles.

Wotton House is located just 10 minutes from J9 of the M25, 30 minutes from Gatwick Airport, and 40 minutes from London’s Waterloo Station.

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Student practicing techniques during a class

Dates and Times

The dates for the 2020-21 classes in Dorking are:

Class 5:  Friday, April 3 - Monday, April 7, 2020

Class 6:  Friday, July 17 - Monday, July 20, 2020

Class 7:  Friday, October 30 - Monday, November 2, 2020

Class 8:  Friday, January 29 - Monday, February 1, 2021

Class meeting times:

Review Class - TBA

Registration / Greeting - TBA

Class - Friday, TBA

Class - Saturday, TBA

Class - Sunday, TBA

Class - Monday, TBA

Post Class - Tuesday, TBA

Wotton House

Review Classes provide students the opportunity to review and expand their understanding of the material addressed in the previous class and prepare for topics to be covered in the upcoming class. It also allows for more hands-on practice time. Massage tables are provided for this class.

Review Classes are optional and available for any EEMCP or TEEM students wishing to have extra practice with the material from the most recent Year 2 class.

The Review class prior to the start of class 5 is a special opportunity to review many of the concepts and protocols from Foundations Classes 1 – 4. You will practice Meridian Energy Testing and learn how to easily do these tests. Still fuzzy about Irregular Energies, Pulse Testing or Anchor and Wander on the Radiant Circuits? Bring your questions to this class, and build your confidence as you head into Class 5.

Review Classes are required for:

  • Students who missed the previous class.
  • Students who are required by their between-class supervisor to attend as a condition to continue with the next class of the EEMCP.
  • Students who have been absent from the EEMCP for one year or more.

Post Classes are offered after the regular EEMCP classes and feature topics of interest to EEM students. The cost is in addition to the tuition for the EEMCP classes, and registration is available on the online registration form for each class or you may pay for it at the door. Upcoming Post Class topics will be listed on the Innersource website as soon as they are known.

Post Classes are optional, open to the public, and do not have any prerequisites. See the schedule above for exact times.

Class 5 Post Class Information

Class 6 Post Class Information

Class 7 Post Class Information

Class 8 Post Class Information

Meet the Regional Director, Madison King!

Madison King

Madison King

After a successful career in mainstream London advertising, Madison decided there had to be ‘more to life’ than making TV commercials and began a 30-year journey of discovery; studying with top pioneers of natural healthcare and working with around 30,000+ clients and students over the decades.

Author of seven published books and over 100 articles, radio and television appearances, Madison now divides her time between the Isle of Wight and Spain, where she runs her own (Madison’s Medicine) workshops, retreats and online study groups.

Tuition and Costs


The tuition for the 2020-21 European  Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program is $1500 per quarter, or $6000 per year. A $300 non-refundable deposit will be added to your first quarterly payment at Class 5. This deposit will be applied to your Class 8 payment. See the chart for a break down of payments:

Quarterly payments will be due upon registration for each class. Registration opens approximately 10 weeks prior to the start of class. Payment for each class covers all of the class materials, use of a massage table, conference space, teaching staff, basic required supervision, and ongoing evaluations to keep people moving forward in a competence-based learning model.

The tuition does not include food, lodging, or transportation.


Quarterly Payment 2020-21

Class 5


Class 6


Class 7


Class 8


Costs - Students can expect to pay the following in Year 2:

  • Quarterly tuition per class
  • Optional Review Class or Post Class
  • Late fees, extra paid mentoring, and/or the Review Class ($90) may be required for missed class time, late test submission, missed demonstration appointments, and other special cases 
  • Hotel, transportation, and most meals per class
  • After graduating from Year 2:
  • Students are qualified to apply for Certification by Innersource as an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner. The Certification fee is $450 and includes a comprehensive written test, an Ethics exam, and completing a comprehensive demonstration test, either in person or via a videoconferencing platform (Zoom, Skype, etc.), with a Faculty member who is part of an Innersource-selected pool.
  • Active practitioner status is maintained by renewing your EEM Continued Training Certificate via attendance of Continued Training courses
  • The above certificate and a current liability insurance policy are required to maintain a practitioner listing on the Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner Directory


Registration is online. An email containing a link to the online registration form for each class is sent to students approximately 10 weeks before the class takes place.

Payment Methods

We accept major credit cards and PayPal on our online registration form.

Pay Pal users: You will receive a PayPal invoice within 48 hours after submitting your registration form with PayPal selected as your payment . Your registration will not be considered complete until PayPal (or other) payment is received. Thank you!

Note About Advanced Payment:

If you would like to pay tuition in advance for all four classes of Year 2 (Classes 5-8), please DO NOT register online. You must contact the Regional Director where you will be attending Year 2 to make arrangements.

[If you have not yet completed Classes 1-4 of the program, please see the Level 1: Fundamentals page of our website for enrollment information.]

Year 2 Classes are offered in three regional locations.  Each location will have their own unique experience, all while maintaining the same curriculum, educational opportunities, and quality teaching you've come to expect.

Enroll in the

European Region Registration link coming  early winter

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