Year 3: EEM Clinical Practicum Classes


The goal of EEMCP Year 3: the Clinical Practicum is to help students deepen their proficiency in Eden Energy Medicine. This includes knowing how to:

  • Work with changing energies.
  • Move seamlessly from one energy system to the next.
  • Find a balance between intuition, the proper use of energy testing, and basic protocols.
  • Follow a hunch to a positive outcome.
  • Build on strengths, even while focusing on areas that need assistance.
  • Use and integrate a broad range of EEM methods and tools.
  • Comfortably drop beneath the techniques, deeply engaging clients and their energy systems.

During Year 3 Classes

Year 3 provides an opportunity to review, refine, and expand your EEM skills. As part of the class experience, Faculty Clinical Practitioners demonstrate full sessions incorporating basic skills, energy testing, energy tracking, intuitive energy following, advanced techniques, and new protocols.

Year 3 students are introduced to select Advanced Topics and Protocols. During Year 3, one class covers Heart Health and Healing, and the other deals with Energy Medicine and Cancer. Handouts are provided, the topics are taught from the stage, and students watch a demo session using the newly learned protocol.

Throughout Year 3, students are encouraged to go deeper into the intuitive nature of energy work by exploring the subtle connections between “knowing” and “testing” the energies. By watching class demo sessions and participating in small group discussions and demos, students are challenged to develop an advanced “practitioner mind” that integrates intuition with basic EEM material, new techniques and skills, and enhanced energy tracking.

After-Class Requirements:

Documented sessions: The essential ingredient in developing proficiency is lots and lots of practice. While students are expected to do an average of two documented EEM sessions per week (for a total of 100 documented EEM sessions over one year), we encourage students to expand that to three or four EEM sessions a week while in Year 3.

Each of the required sessions must be documented using the Year 3 Clinical Practicum Session Form, be at least 60 minutes in length, and use Eden Energy Medicine as the primary method at least 80% of the time.

At each class a schedule will be provided for completing the 100 sessions.

The documented session sheets will be sent to your assigned faculty mentor. Mentors will review the forms for completion and give feedback on only those sessions you request. Feedback given on sessions will be considered part of the four hours of consultation (two hours from each class) you have for the year. The four hours of consultation can be done by phone, in person, email, or Skype conversations. Additional time may be arranged between you and your faculty mentor at the rate of $100 per hour.

There is a $75/week late fee payable to your mentor for every week that you do not meet the deadlines for completing your written sessions.

Live or Skype Demo Sessions: While in Year 3, you will give six live or Skype sessions which are watched by your faculty mentor, three after each class. These sessions may be written up and included in the 100 sessions required during Year 3. Each of these live or Skype sessions will be about 60 minutes in duration. Video taped demonstrations will not be accepted. The three live or Skype sessions, as well as the two hours of consultation, must be completed with the faculty mentor from your last class so there is continuity in the mentoring process, and may not be carried over.

Note: If you do not have an established EEM practice where you can comfortably give two EEM sessions per week, we suggest that you find "sponsors" during your time in Year 3. This is particularly helpful for students who have limited access to clients. Sponsors are individuals who receive EEM sessions from you as part of your training, usually at a discounted rate that allows them to receive more sessions than they could normally afford. They have the opportunity to receive regular sessions, help sponsor your training, and participate in bringing EEM to their community.

Other Benefits:

Graduates of Year 3 will have the opportunity to audit future Year 3 classes at half the cost of the current tuition. Auditors will be able to watch demonstration sessions and receive feedback while giving sessions, but will have no between class requirements and will not receive a new diploma. Our goal is to provide an environment where students can continue to deepen their work.

The hours spent in class during Year 3 count toward the Continued Training (CT) requirements needed to maintain your EEM Continued Training Certificate. If you audit Year 3 after graduating from it, these hours also count toward your CT requirements.

Karen BerryEEMCP Year 3 – Curriculum