Year 3: EEM Clinical Practicum Classes

Program Details


The Year 3: EEM Clinical Practicum classes meet twice during the year.

Year 3 students must start with the autumn class.

  • Year 3-US students meet once in the early autumn and then again in late winter. Each class runs Thursday to Sunday.
  • Year 3-UK students meet once in autumn and then again in spring. Each class runs Friday to Monday.

Class Materials:

  • Students will receive current EEMCP Year 1 and Year 2 handouts (Classes 1-8) at the first Year 3 class.
  • Students will also receive a copy of the advanced protocol being taught in that class.
  • Students should bring whatever charts and tools they would normally use when working on clients. This includes magnets, crystals, spoons, etc.
Tunnel of Love - Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

During Each Year 3 Class Students Will:

  1. Observe three to four large-group EEM session demonstrations given by Faculty Clinical Practitioners. These sessions will incorporate EEM basics, advanced material, and new protocols. Discussion will follow each demonstration.
  2. Give three to four EEM sessions to fellow students and receive feedback from the Faculty Clinical Practitioner who is their small group mentor.
  3. Observe three to four small-group demonstration sessions by their Faculty mentor in the small group setting, listen to commentary about the sessions, and have the opportunity to ask questions during the sessions. It is anticipated that, as part of these class demonstrations, the majority of Year 3 students will have received one EEM session from a faculty member by the end of Year 3.
  4. Practice the new advanced protocol introduced in class.
  5. Discuss topics important to EEM sessions, including homework selection, strategies to encourage compliance, record keeping, session frequency and follow up, and important practitioner tips for session flow and practitioner self-care.

After Each Year 3 Class Students Will:

  1. Have several months to conduct three one-hour EEM sessions with their mentor (either live, by Skype, or by Zoom). A total of six mentored sessions are required during Year 3.
  2. Receive two additional hours of mentoring time (per class) from their faculty mentor to receive feedback and ask questions. A total of four hours of one-on-one mentoring is provided during Year 3.
  3. Document an average of 2 EEM sessions per week (a total of 50 EEM sessions) after first (summer) Year 3 class and again after the second (winter) Year 3 class. This allows a total of 100 EEM sessions to be completed during Year 3.
Donna with Senior Staff

Donna and Senior Faculty

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