Year 4: EEM Advanced Practitioner Classes

Advanced Practitioner Classes Application

The 2020-21 Year 4 application will open to qualified students in Summer 2020!

The application process for Year 4 is different than simply signing up for an advanced workshop with Donna Eden. Grid and Regression are protocols that can only be safely administered by those who have the clinical experience necessary to take their clients to this level of healing, as well as being physically, emotionally, and energetically sturdy enough to hold the deep energies that are accessed during these sessions.

The road to being an Advanced Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine represents a significant investment of time and energy. Mastery of any form, be it music, dance, language, or energy medicine necessitates a meaningful investment of time for study, practice, and self-development. Rather than looking at Grid and Regression as just two more advanced classes to take, we would like to invite all who endeavor to become Advanced Practitioners to look at this course of study as an opportunity to deepen their own healing and personal advancement, and thus to be able to lead the way for others to do the same.

Because of this, all Year 4 applicants must be familiar and facile with the energy systems that make up the bulk of Donna's approach to energy medicine. The EEM techniques and protocols should be a regular, familiar part of life, both in terms of personal self-care as well as in the services they provide. This foundational material needs to be more than just theoretically understood; it must be comfortable in the hands, as happens when one has been an EEM practitioner for years.

If you feel that all of the above can be said about you, we welcome you to apply for Year 4!

As we teach the Grid and Regression classes, it is our heartfelt desire to preserve and cherish the beauty and integrity of this sacred work. We look forward to sharing it with you.

To apply for Year 4, please compile the required elements as listed below and then complete the online application form (linked at the bottom of this page).


  1. EEM Educational and Practitioner Prerequisites
  2. Clinical Session Requirements
  3. Use of the Same 100 Sessions for CLP and AP
  4. Information Regarding Your EEM Practice
  5. Personal EEM Sessions
  6. Self-Care
  7. Essay “Why I think I am ready for Year 4"
  8. Four Letters of Recommendation

 When you are filling out the application, we recommend that you gather all the information and documents you will need (details below) before you start. Also, write your longer answers in separate documents in advance and then either copy and paste them into the application or upload them (as specified on the form) to prevent the online form from timing out and having to start over.

1. EEM Educational Prerequisites

To be eligible to apply for Year 4, you must have completed Years 1, 2, and 3 of the EEMCP. As part of your application, you will be requested to indicate when you completed each of these years. [Current Year 3 students may apply for Year 4 as soon as they complete their Year 3 requirements.]

You must also be an Active EEM Certified Practitioner by maintaining a current EEM Continued Training Certificate; the application will request the Renewal Date listed on your EEM Continued Training Certificate.

2. Clinical Session Requirements

All applicants must provide documentation of 100 current EEM sessions. If you completed (or are completing) Year 3 within 18 months of the start of the Advanced Practitioner Grid class for which you are applying, the 100 sessions from your Year 3 studies will qualify. If you graduated from Year 3 more than 18 months before the start of the upcoming Grid class, you will need to include with your application documentation of 100 EEM sessions from the past 12 months.

3. Use of the Same Session for Year 3 and Year 4

It is possible that you may be able to use the same 100 sessions used for your Year 3 requirement for your Year 4 application. This will depend on when you completed your Year 3 classes and plan to start the Year 4 classes. For example:

  1. If you completed all of your Year 3 classes and session sheet requirements 18 months before the start date of the grid class, you will not have to resubmit your session sheets. Simply indicate on your Year 4 application that you have already submitted 100 sessions as part of Year 3 and indicate the year you finished Year 3.
  2. If you completed your Year 3 classes and session requirements more than 18 months prior to the start of the upcoming Grid class, you will be required to show verification of having done 100 additional sessions in the past year. You will not have to submit 100 hard copies of these sessions. Simply fill out and sign a Session Verification form attesting that you have done 100 sessions in the interim year leading up to the upcoming Grid class. This form must be uploaded into your online application. Even though you do not submit the 100 session sheets, for legal reasons we must ask that you be able to document these sessions if requested via your client records or at least your appointment book.

4. Information Regarding Your EEM Practice

You will be asked the following questions on your Year 4 Application:

  1. Do you have a full or part time EEM practice?
  2. How many paying clients do you see in an average week?
  3. How many of your current clients do you think are ready for Grid and Regression sessions?

5. Personal EEM Sessions

You will be requested to document 5 EEM sessions you have received in the last 12 months by entering the names of the practitioners and the dates of the sessions. These need to be specifically Eden Energy Medicine sessions with practitioners who are graduates of the EEMCP. At least 2 of these sessions must be with more experienced practitioners (i.e. EEMCP faculty or those listed as Advanced Practitioners on the Innersource website). These sessions do not need to be with 5 different practitioners. They can all be with the same practitioner if that is your preference. Sessions in other modalities are not applicable in this context.

6. Self-Care

A. You will be asked to describe the modalities you have explored to assist in your healing and self-development, as well as some of the self-care activities you practice.

We're interested in the tools you have developed to ground and center yourself, and how you have explored your own healing adventure. The question is not a test! Simply talk a bit about what you do to help you stay grounded: EEM daily routine, other energy practices, exercise, music, meditation, journaling, dancing, etc.

Speak briefly in regard to any healing modalities you may have explored when working with the issues in your own life, including what worked for you (or didn't) and why: Energy sessions, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy, lessons/classes in any art form, etc.

Grid and Regression work is something our clients have to work towards with regular sessions and a commitment to their own growth and healing. For us to be able to go the distance with them, we need to have already gone the distance with ourselves. We cannot take them anywhere we have not yet gone. It is important to remember that at the Grid class, along with learning the actual techniques and repairing a Grid on your partner, you yourself will be having a Grid repaired. We're interested in what has been your process to prepare.

B. You will be requested to indicate if you have had Grid and/or Regression work done, and if you have, to please list the practitioner and the date.

Note: At the time of applying, if you know you have a major Grid out, we suggest you do not have it repaired prior to the upcoming Grid class. Working with a major Grid in the class will have benefits in terms of your overall learning experience and that of your class partner. If you have already had all of your major Grids repaired, your class partner will do either a minor Grid or Cloaccal session for you.

7. Essay “Why I think I am ready for Year 4"

You will be requested to write a one page essay describing why you think you are ready to take Year 4. Highlight the strengths you bring as a practitioner, your perception of this advanced work, and how you deal with challenges that present during sessions.

8. Four Letters of Recommendation

Applicants are required to provide four Letters of Recommendation, specifically discussing the applicant's readiness to join Year 4: two from your Year 3 mentors (one each) and two from other EEMCP faculty members. (Applicants may request a letter from their Year 1: Foundations teacher if that teacher is also a current member of our EEMCP faculty.)

Applicants must already have notified faculty members that they want a Letter of Recommendation from them before they submit their application, and those names must then be listed on the application. 

All four of these letters need to be submitted by the faculty member using our online Year 4 Recommendation Form (which they know how to access). When you contact the faculty members and supervisors requesting your letters, please remind them that they must submit their Letter of Recommendation by the application deadline.

Application Form

The 2019-20 Year 4 Application period is closed.  The 2020-21 Year 4 Application period will open in Summer 2020.

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