Year 4: EEM Advanced Practitioner Classes

Class Content

Both of the Year 4: Advanced Practitioner Classes (Grid and Regression) are a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and small group sessions.

EEMCP Year 4 classes are very different in structure and content than the previous EEMCP classes. Year 4 classes are much more intimate, with a maximum of 32 participants. Classes are held in a smaller space that is perfect for the depth and intimacy required for Grid and Regression work.

The Year 4 classes are also unique in that they go beyond simply learning the new protocols; you will be receiving and performing them as well. This means that in the Grid class not only will you have your own Grid repaired, you will also have the hands-on experience of repairing your class partner's Grid. Likewise, in the Regression class you and your class partner will trade Regression sessions.

Aspects of the Year 4 classes include:

  • ​​​​Lectures on the Nature of Both Grid and Regression
    You will learn how the energy of these systems looks, feels, and affects us. You will also learn about the supporting energy systems that need to be in balance before doing Grid or Regression sessions. This will illuminate why certain preparations are important for the safe administration of these protocols. It will also entail working with systems you have already studied, but now see through the lens of how they interact with and support the path towards Grid and Regression work.
  • Demonstrations of the Grid and Regression Techniques
    While complete Grid and Regression sessions will not be demonstrated in class given the lengthy and very private nature of this work, all the preparatory work will be demonstrated, as will select aspects of both the Grid and Regression protocols.
  • Creating your Healing Space
    Given the profound and intimate nature of working with Grid and Regression, each small group will have a private or semi-private space for their group work. You and your class partner will also have a personal healing space to add to the intimate nature of the experience as you work on each other. Students can bring items of significance to help create a sacred space, as well. When you do Grid and Regression sessions in your own practice, it is deeply beneficial to take the time to clear your space and create a healthy atmosphere of peace and safety.
  • Substantive Small Group Sessions
    Time will be allotted to sink deeply into Grid and Regression sessions with your class partner. If you are going to have your Grid repaired or receive a Regression session, it is vital that you are prepared to handle the new energetic resources that will be available from the reparation of these systems. You and your class partner will have shared several of these preparatory sessions before the actual protocol is performed.

Karen BerryEEMCP Year 4 – Program Content