Year 4: EEM Advanced Practitioner Classes

Supervision and Requirements for Completion

The supervision phase for Year 4: the Advanced Practitioner Classes of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP) will be lengthier and more in-depth than for the EEMCP classes. After each Year 4 class (Grid and Regression), you will receive six hours of one-on-one mentoring time to confer with your supervisor about the clients you are preparing for Grid and/or Regression sessions. This means that by the end of the second Year 4 class you will have received 12 hours of mentoring time.

The preparatory work you do can make the difference between a smooth, easily integrated treatment and one where there can be significant discomfort if the client has not been energetically prepared. Your supervisor will help you ascertain when your client is ready to have these protocols safely administered.
Because the Grid and Regression work will be new to you, your supervisor will also be available after each of your Grid and/or Regression sessions to answer questions and support you.

Please note: As you will be learning and practicing new techniques with the first six Grid and four Regression sessions, we suggest that they be done at no charge to the client. When your supervision phase is complete and you are listed on the Innersource website as an Advanced Practitioner, you may negotiate the price of Grid and Regression sessions with your clients as usual.

Graduates of Year 4 are also required to establish an Advanced Practitioner peer support network with at least two of their fellow program participants, in which Grid and Regression cases, ideas, etc. are discussed.

Karen BerryEEMCP Year 4 – Supervision and Requirements for Completion