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Take a 3-Day Class on Energy Testing!

HOW do I  remove blocks to become a confident tester?

Madison King, one of your webinar panelists and an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, has over 30 years of healing experience. In her upcoming 3-Day Class, you will learn practical tools to help you master the art and science of energy testing. 

"YOU ARE OFTEN THE ONE STANDING IN THE WAY OF BECOMING A GREAT TESTER!"  As the panelists discussed, it's often YOUR energy that is interfering with your testing abilities. Madison will help move you past your blocks and help you build the confidence you need to be the very best energy healer possible. 

Attend ONLINE or IN-PERSON in Phoenix.
October 26-28.
FREE REPLAYS included with the CLASS.

Madison King

Madison King

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Let The Research Build Your Confidence!

Ann Jensen image

Anne Jensen

Join webinar panelist and clinical researcher, Anne Jensen for a fascinating course about her groundbreaking research at Oxford University, validating muscle response testing! 

As you saw in the webinar, we now have some wonderful research on muscle testing/energy testing. Her online course is tailored toward those who may have no background in clinical research – as she uses language that anyone can understand.

Whether you are a muscle testing/energy testing practitioner, an educator, a patient, or just someone that is curious about testing, you will find this course fascinating!

Take a 7-Week Core Training 

Webinar panelist and Energy Kinesiologist, Adam Lehman is Director of the Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences in Sonoma, California. With over 30 years experience in the healing arts and use of muscle feedback, Adam has trained hundreds of people around the world how to help people thrive.

Adam is offering a 7-week online foundational kinesiology course in the fall: Integrative Wellness Facilitator Training.

It will be introduced by a free webinar event on October 10. Join Adam's list to receive information and get a free e-report.

Adam Lehman image

Adam Lehman

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