Advanced Chakra Class (Streaming Video or DVD)


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Learn How To Work With the Healing Power of the Chakras! 

"If I know I only am going to have one session with a client, I will focus the session on the chakras!" ~ Donna Eden

In this Donna Eden Advanced Class, you'll gain a profound understanding of the chakras. 

The word "chakra" means disk, vortex, or wheel. Whereas meridians are an energy transportation system, the chakras are energy stations!

An imprint of every emotionally significant event you have experiences is recorded in your chakras. Work with chakra energy, and you can experience profound healing.

Advanced Chakra Class

An artist's rendering of what Donna sees

You will learn:

  • How to clear and balance the seven major chakras to help heal physical and emotional symptoms.
  • How to set the stage for deep shifts with the Celtic Spiral Chakra Technique.
  • Chakras are only about the past, right? Wrong! Learn how to use chakras to influence your future.
  • The fascinating truth about how chakras are formed at birth based on what Donna sees. 
  • The "nadis" or silver threads that are the conduits of consciousness.
  • How chakras actually learn from each other.
  • How the relationships among a person's chakras translate into their everyday life
  • How to work with the seven layers of each chakra to go into deeper and more intuitive dimensions of healing

   This was Donna at her best. Such an excellent class. 

I loved her demo. It was so beautiful to watch her follow the energy. The whole class was fabulous. I loved it all. 

Anna Olson, Class Participant

Includes 8 hours of video, plus a 27 page handout.

Filmed: September 10-13, 2015 – San Diego, CA

Continued Training

This class qualifies for Continued Training (CTs), for those who purchase the Streaming Video and the CT Home Study Course. The Home Study Course is available as a separate purchase after you take the class. Please click here to learn more.

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