Streaming Audio Companion to Personal Mythology


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Audio Supplement to the Personal Mythology book (Streaming MP3s)
by David Feinstein, Ph.D. & Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

These audio files do not stand alone. You will receive a login to our streaming site when you purchase.

This audio companion takes you through the guided imagery and other inner journeys that are part of the program presented in the Personal Mythology book. The journeys are enhanced with original music by Ann Mortifee. The audio files (streaming MP3s) cannot be meaningfully used without the book.

Every life unfolds like a story. To follow the “mythic path” is to become exquisitely conscious of the ways you are a co-author with fate of this mythic-level drama. Personal Mythology draws upon the most significant ideas from consciousness research and the most powerful self-development tools available. Through it, you will delve into the underlying themes that shape your life, assess how they serve you, and where they do not reflect your highest wisdom, transform them. The program includes a book and coordinated CDs that are carefully crafted into a 12-week program of one to two sessions per week.

Personal Mythology is a powerful antidote for modern lives caught in the disorienting grip of a world in turmoil. This newly expanded and updated edition brings to you a highly successful seminar that has been evolving for over three decades. An engaging book/CD “workshop,” it is being assigned as homework by a growing number of psychotherapists and used to structure meetings in numerous men’s and women’s groups, recovery programs, and other settings where people are committed to deep personal change.

A captivating 12-week program that will teach you how to tap into deep sources of wisdom and find greater fulfillment in these challenging times

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