Black Pearl Sanctuary – Laminated Chart


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2-Sided Laminated Chart

The Black Pearl Sanctuary is a series of Neurovascular holds that can help to deeply relax your client and invoke natural healing processes. It restores the hypothalamus (the “Black Pearl”), moves negative and fearful thinking toward trust, joy, and inner peace, and deeply calms Triple Warmer.

With this protocol, the hypothalamus comes into a state of grace and returns to a place of peace, safety, and comfort. The body becomes profoundly relaxed, opening the way for its organic self-healing abilities to flow. The person awakens to non-ordinary dimensions of experience, often opening deep reservoirs of psychic knowing. It puts the person into a state of sanctuary.

In addition, because of its use of the Neurovascular Reflex Points, The Black Pearl Sanctuary enhances the health of the blood flow and helps expand and weave the auric field.