Colors, Auras, and the Psychic Realm (Streaming Video or 5-DVD Set)


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This is a class about attuning yourself to the invisible realm of subtle energies and energy fields in which we all operate.
October 27 – 30, 2005  Ashland, OR

Donna Eden with David Feinstein, Ph. D.

An Advanced Energy Medicine Class

Handouts Included

Your life color reflects the lessons you are meant to learn, and are destined to confront, in this lifetime. It permeates all the other colors in your energy field. It is basic and unchanging yet it determines the path along which you evolve.

The aura is textured by layers, or bands. A weak auric field, or an aura undermined by environmental stress, is a source of vulnerability and disease. Each auric band can be addressed and strengthened as needed, and you will learn a method for testing each band and working with those needing attention.

Opening to the psychic dimension edges you past your intuition into a realm that is always there yet which for most people operates beneath their awareness. The more you engage the body’s energies and work with their colors, the more you being to feel, see, or otherwise sense the underlying realm of subtle energies that animates the body and impacts its health. This class will be a bridge into the psychic realm in all of these ways.

Suggested prequisites to this series:

Energy Medicine (book)
Basic 5-Day Training
Energy Tracker

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