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Energy Medicine for Animals & Energy Medicine for Electromagnetic Frequency Sensitivities

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Energy Medicine for Animals

A Natural, Safe, Organic, and Heartfelt Approach to Caring for Our Cherished Friends

Taught by Madison King, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Regular Price:  $295

"Madison's love for and devotion to animals has blossomed into this powerful class for helping you keep your four-legged friends healthy and happy. Drawing from her vast background in Energy Medicine, Madison not only provides simple, effective tools for keeping an animal vital, she shows you how to attune your intuition to connect energetically to your pet's health needs. It is a wise and wonderful resource for all animal lovers."

Donna Eden

Founder Eden Energy Medicine

In this class, you will learn to:

  • Help relieve your pet's pain
  • Heal your pet's injuries and wounds
  • Alleviate your pet's skin issues
  • Find the best diet for that works for your pet
  • Improve the sensitivity in your hands and hone your ability to sense/feel what your pet needs and where
  • Help your pet deal with stress, anxiety, fear or issues resulting from neglect or abuse

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"Madison's animal workshop is something you shouldn't miss.  She is one of the most entertaining and informative teachers I have had.  You will come away with a treasure trove of methods to keep your pets in tip-top condition, and bring them back to it if they become ill.   I cannot speak more highly of Madison and feel she has changed the way I work with all animals and the effect I can have in bringing healing energy to them."

Debbie Shortt

Founder Eden Energy Medicine

About Madison King

I have been the guardian to many dogs, cats, horses and occasional rabbit all my life and worked with energy medicine for nearly 30 years, running my very first animal workshop, by the river in Fulham (London) 25 years ago. Since then it has been an absolute joy to share the work, as it developed, with others; both in workshops, one to one and in two published books (Energy Medicine for your Dog/Energy Medicine for your Cat).  Animals are so easy to work with, no ‘intellectual’ barriers; they are wise souls, endearingly mischievous at times, irritatingly willful and stubborn at others, but most have a purity of spirit that is an honor and joy to work with. It can be humbling and rewarding in a way you never thought possible.

I have witnessed Energy Medicine ‘rescue’ my dog from death and less dramatically found it has helped itchy skin conditions, healing broken bones, supporting post-operative care, dealing with trauma and accident, relieving everyday aches and pains and easing arthritic stiffness.  Many of these techniques have roots in deeply ancient energy medicine and have been around for years – because they work! Above all, working in this way deepens the bond between you and takes pet companionship to another level.

In this class I want to share with you some simple but effective tools to help care for your pet.  They are easy, non-intrusive, free and absolutely safe. Have fun with them, work from the heart with love and I’m pretty sure your pet will enjoy every single second …. 

Energy Medicine for Electromagnetic Frequency Sensitivities

How to Stay Healthy and Thrive in Today’s World!

Taught by Dr. Sara Allen, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Regular Price:  $40

This class will shed some much needed light on the science of EMF sickness. While this issue may appear formidable, and its affects can be quite distressing, this syndrome, like any other condition we deal with, is energy testable and therefore, TREATABLE!

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    Learn to test for EMF sensitivity
  • check
    Learn to track how that sensitivity impacts the body
  • check
    Learn to transform EMF sensitivity into the power house of vitality and strength that it was meant to be
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    Learn how to apply the Energy Medicine skills and techniques you already know in fresh new ways, as well as unearth additional insights and newfound perceptions.

About Sara Allen

Sara Allen has been a student of Donna Eden’s since 1998. She has been an advanced practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine since 2001. Dr. Sara was an original founding member of the Eden Energy Medicine School in 2006. She has been a mentor to 1000’s of students over her nearly 35 years of work in the science of subtle energies.

In addition to her passion for all things Eden Energy Medicine she is also an advanced practitioner of Psych K, EFT, Touch For Health, Reiki, German New Medicine, Jin Shin Do, and Animal Energy Medicine. During her doctoral studies she researched extensively the art of homeopathy, food as medicine, supplemental medicine, essential oils and Ayurvedic medicine. 

sara allen

Dr. Sara Allen

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