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Energy Medicine for Electromagnetic Frequency Sensitivities – STREAMING VERSION


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How to Stay Healthy and Thrive in Today’s World!

An Eden Energy Medicine Class with Sara Allen, PhD, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner


This class will shed some much needed light on the science of EMF sickness. While this issue may appear formidable, and its affects can be quite distressing, this syndrome, like any other condition we deal with, is energy testable.

Here is the regal truth: If you can energy test it - you can energy treat it.

 In this class you will:

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    Learn to test for EMF sensitivity
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    Learn to track how that sensitivity impacts the body
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    Learn to transform EMF sensitivity into the power house of vitality and strength that it was meant to be
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    Learn how to apply the Energy Medicine skills and techniques you already know in fresh new ways, as well as unearth additional insights and newfound perceptions.

Even if you do not suffer from EMF issues, you will learn how to best harness this magnificent energy for your expansion, health and wellbeing. Learn daily, if this complex system of electromagnetic field energy is expanding or contracting you.

The study of EMF issues is really the study of mastering what it means to be an electrical river of energy, from the first spark of our conception to the ash of our final exhale, connecting the Heavens to the Earth.

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About Dr. Sara Allen

Sara Allen has been a student of Donna Eden’s since 1998. She has been an advanced practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine since 2001. Dr. Sara was an original founding member of the Eden Energy Medicine School in 2006. She has been a mentor to 1000’s of students over her nearly 35 years of work in the science of subtle energies.

In addition to her passion for all things Eden Energy Medicine she is also an advanced practitioner of Psych K, EFT, Touch For Health, Reiki, German New Medicine, Jin Shin Do, and Animal Energy Medicine. During her doctoral studies she researched extensively the art of homeopathy, food as medicine, supplemental medicine, essential oils and Ayurvedic medicine. 

Sara Allen

Sara Allen, Ph D,EEM-AP

Dr. Sara, when she is not wearing her energy medicine hat, is a highly skilled trainer in Leadership Effectiveness Training or LET for short. LET is a Rogerian based leadership course that she often summarizes by saying “…LET is the art of learning how to be a better boss – how to be a compassionate and productive leader.” Complimenting her LET training, Dr. Sara is deeply versed in the neuroscience of emotional intelligence - Daniel Goleman’s EQ - as well as the Positive Psychology movement.

Dr. Sara’s diverse training, her many years of teaching and over 20,000 hours of clinical experience, have resulted in a masterful blend of teacher, practitioner and mentor.

Dr. Sara lives on top of a mountain in Asheville, NC with her beloved dogs and cat. She has a private energy medicine practice in Asheville and teaches Eden Energy Medicine in western North Carolina whenever she is asked.

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