Energy Wisdom: Thinking Outside the Box – Energy Medicine as a Wisdom Practice


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5-DVD set plus CD with .pdf handouts

Instructor: Ellen Meredith, Doctor of Arts, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, faculty member of Eden EM Certification Program.

Providing eye-opening insights to help both practitioners and self-healers think outside the box, this 2-day advanced workshop integrates the wisdom of the ages with practical, easily mastered EM tools to support healing within our multi-dimensional reality!

Energy Wisdom offers exciting new ways to ground and expand your Energy Medicine practice, in alignment with deeper purpose. Presenting a whole range of new Eden-inspired Energy Medicine tools and protocols, this class expands the boundaries of how to think about healing and wholeness.

The innovative techniques presented in this class will animate the spirit, but are not sectarian or religious in nature. Instead, they speak to our common sense and innate wisdom, and enable us to address cosmic realities in straightforward down-to-earth ways. They build on the skills learned in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, and are complementary to most modalities of body work, physical therapy, and energy work.

What people are saying about Energy Wisdom!

This revelatory class enables us to powerfully peer into the elusive territory of the healing process. …Ellen is a very passionate, charismatic teacher and healer who makes a difference in our field of Energy Healing.Angela Walsh Denis, EEM-AP, San Diego
Ellen’s Eden-inspired techniques and protocols are more than just effective and practical ― they expand the possibilities for using Energy Medicine in creative and dynamic ways! Great class!!LK, EEM-CP Maine
As a teacher, Ellen has an easy, natural way of conveying energy wisdom with grace, humor, and love.Karen E Adamo, CHt, New Jersey

Contents include:

  • EM as a Wisdom Practice
  • Re-framing
  • The Role of Radiance
  • Centering, Grounding & Sourcing
  • Working with Dimensions of the Self
  • Suit Reboot

Plus FOUR Protocols:

  • Earth dock – Sky dock protocol
  • Earth and Moon Phasing protocol
  • Stress Repair protocol
  • Harmonic Self protocol

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Publisher: Horse MountainPress
Format: Color, Widescreen, 5-DVD box set plus CD with handouts
Region: Region 1
Run Time: 460 minutes
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