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Healing the Seven Generations: Energy Medicine Solutions for Genetic Diseases and Patterns


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by Sara Allen, Ph.D.

The question of why we get the diseases we get is a little understood topic.  This class represents several years of research that started with the question of how do our belief systems impact our health. 

This class examine whether we are what we are because of our DNA, our  belief systems, ancestral influence, past life cellular memory or are we formed, and do we function, by an accumulation of morphogenetic cluster of energy information.  This class examines impact of the morphogenetic influence on DNA.

The wild thing about this class is it is a compilation and distillation of Eden Energy Medicine techniques. These techniques distilled into an easily understood step by step process are proving to unwind a morphogenetic fields that seemingly hold whole families in patterns of disease.  Unwind one in the family morph field and the disease begins to unwind for the entire clan.

The techniques in this class are suitable for any level of Eden student.  Both advance practitioner and novice will be able to implement immediately.  This class is yet another important tool to add to the ever growing and expanding toolbox of today’s energy practitioner.

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