Kidney Energy: How to Get Your Groove Back


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The Importance of Balance (KIDNEY ENERGY) in our stressed out (TRIPLE WARMER) world
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Join Risa Hearn as she facilitates a class on one of Donna Eden’s most popular topics: Kidney and Triple Warmer energies. Once you learn the key to maintaining balance, you’ll know how to stay calm in our stressed out world.

Differences Between Kidney and Triple Warmer Energies


  • Calm
  • Self-Confident
  • Capacity for Joy Increases
  • Rational Thought Improes
  • Allowed to Be
  • Peaceful
  • Eyesight Improves
  • Comfortable Temperature
  • I Can Do It Now
  • Weight Normalizes
  • Nerves Relax
  • Easily Do Daily Tasks
  • Breathe Deeply
  • Improved Sexual Energy

Triple Warmer

  • Stressed
  • Anxious
  • Irritable
  • Living More from the Back Brain
  • Need to Exist
  • Busy
  • Eyes Strain
  • Temperature Fluctuates
  • I’ll Get to It Tomorrow
  • Retain Weight
  • Startle Easily
  • Downsize Tasks to Match Energy
  • Breathe Shallowly
  • Lowered Libido

This DVD shows you how to improve everything from your eyesight to sexual energy and much, much more! Follow along as Risa demonstrates the simple yet powerful steps to incorporate in your daily energy routine.

The DVD also includes a handy printed outline of the protocols for your easy reference.

About Risa:
Risa Hearn has been a student of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine since 2000. She has been a Faculty Member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program since its inception in 2006. After struggling with ill health, Energy Medicine changed her life. She wants to share this wonderful information and protocol with the world.

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