Playing With The Frequencies – A Donna Eden Advanced Class


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Enhance Your Skills with The Nine Energy Systems!

A Donna Eden Advanced Class 

Learn important procedures for mobilizing the body’s energies that Donna used in her practice but had never taught before.  Deeply connect into the frequencies that bring about the healing of body, mind, and spirit. This class builds upon, ties together, and transcends the understanding you gained about the Nine Energy Systems with a focus on systemic interventions. 

You will:

  • Come away with new tools for unraveling the mysteries of the body’s energies.
  • Build upon, tie together, and unite the Nine Energy Systems.
  • Attune to the “Horizontal Waves” beneath, above, and between the Nine Energy Systems.
  • Play with the “influential energies,” first mapped in Ancient China, and their unusual power for directly influencing specific organs, muscles, or bone segments..
  • Discover geometric shapes that ground you and hook you up spiritually.
  • Practice new energy tests that can help you choose among remedies that are outside of EEM, such as homeopathy or essential oils.
Playing With The Frequencies - Advanced Class

Donna will be teaching you never-before-taught material!

When the Nine Energy Systems lose their organization or the energy in the cells lose their connection and communication, illness or premature aging occur.  This course will teach you to reharmonize the body’s energy systems.

Continued Training

This class qualifies for Continued Training (CTs), for those who purchase the Streaming Video and the CT Home Study Course. The Home Study Course is available as a separate purchase after you take the class. Please click here to learn more.

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Filmed July 6 - 8, 2018 in San Diego, California