Serenade at the Doorway by Ann Mortifee (with David Feinstein)


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An album (Audio CD) that combines beautiful music with profound lyrics that speak to anyone facing a major transition or loss.

“An album of exquisite beauty, originally designed for those facing death and bereavement, I would passionately recommend SERENADE AT THE DOORWAY to anyone in the midst of a profound life transition.”
~ John Robbins – Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Also addressing issues of life and death, Serenade at the Doorway combines beautiful music with profound lyrics that speak to anyone facing a major transition or loss. The album is a standard at many hospices. Its lyrics and music take people deep into the issues involved with death and dying, or any other significant loss, and transports them into a more peaceful, safe, and spiritually uplifting state of awareness.

Sensitive lyrics and melodies provide gentle, vibrant support for anyone who is going through a difficult transition, whether it be a life-threatening illness, the death of a loved one, or the loss of a relationship, dream, or a way of life. Serenade at the Doorway takes us on a journey that strengthens us, helps us to a larger vision that brings wisdom, comfort, and inspiration. It is being enjoyed by a broad spectrum of individuals facing major life changes and is also being used increasingly by physicians, clergy, therapists, hospice workers, and others in the healing arts. The beauty of Ann Mortifee’s voice, coupled with the passion and poetry of the album’s astute guidance, make it a rare and uplifting gift.

Meet Ann Mortifee

Ann Mortifee Performing Artist
Ann Mortifee is one of Canada’s most well-loved performing artists. She has been awarded The Order of Canada, the highest honor bestowed on civilians by the Canadian government, “for her the performing and healing arts.” Her musicals, ballet and opera scores, and her seven albums have lead to numerous other national and international distinctions. For many years she has been a keynote speaker at major conferences and has been facilitating workshops on the relationship of the arts, healing, and consciousness. She closed the 1994 Commonwealth Games with one of her songs -“Healing Journey” (from this album) – heard by half a billion people worldwide.

Ann’s humanity, compassion, and delivery, as one reviewer put it, “induce a depth of intimacy that many people don’t reach with their spouses.”

“When we cannot sing, Ann sings our heart’s grief in lyrics that bring us hope.”
~ Marion Woodman

“What I attempt to say in my books and speak in my lectures, Serenade at the Doorway expresses more eloquently with the poignancy of your songs.”
~ Dr. Earl Grollman Author of 18 books on bereavement and crisis intervention, recipient of the UNESCO book award and numerous other humanitarian distinctions

“I can’t let another day go by without sharing with you how exciting and valuable I think Serenade at the Doorway is. It is such a powerful tool to use with patients, families, as well as at the personal level.”
~ Mary Ellen DeGrace Palliative Care Coordinator

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