Shock & Irregular Energies: The Initiate of all Disease (2-DVD set with Handout)


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by Sara Allen

In the German New Medicine system, they teach that all disease is initiated by an emotional shock to the system. They teach that all shocks are subjective – what may shock and initiate a disease process in me might not disturb another’s system at all. Donna Eden stated at the 2008 Portland Practitioner’s Conference that shocks to the systems initiate irregular energy patterns. (I had long recognized that irregular energies, if left unattended, create disease patterns.)

I had a “chocolate runs into peanut butter moment” (you know that old Reese Peanut Butter Cup ad – when the chocolate bar accidentally gets stuck in the jar of peanut butter.) sitting in that class with Donna. The German New Medicine (chocolate bar) system teaches that all disease is created by a subjective shock and Donna (big jar of peanut butter) stating that all irregular energies are initiated by shock.

So my thinking was, very simplistically put, like this: Subjective shock = Irregular Energy Patterns = Disease Patterns.

I began to understand how we get shocked and how shock turns energy irregular. I learned how to track it once it enters the body. I learned how to heal it when it runs rampant in the body and, most importantly, I learned how to steady the body so it is no longer vulnerable to being shocked. I have since learned how to teach this so practitioners can ease so much suffering once they have insight how the body gets shocked and how shock lodges in the system and creates disease patterns.

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