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The Diamond Inlay and Other Topics (Streaming Video or 4-DVD set)

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An Advanced Energy Medicine Class
July 17 -20, 2008  Portland, OR

With Donna Eden and special guests, David Feinstein, Ph. D. and Titanya Dahlin

Includes Handouts

An Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Class

This class covered a range of topics, from ways of grounding yourself and protecting yourself when working intensely with another’s energies to ways of bringing your awareness and your energies into greater contact with the higher realms of existence.

A method called The Diamond Inlay was one of the major topics.  The Diamond Inlay is an energetic pattern Donna noticed during the days when she still had her private practice.  People who were strong in this pattern were both well-grounded and able to move into higher realms.  Donna found that by strengthening the pattern in a client’s energy field, it strengthened their grounding and ability to contact their psychic nature. The number of people who reported having profound experiences with this exercise during the class was striking.

Other topics included a pulse test for determining which Radiant Circuits need attention, a technique for bringing more yin energy to our yang-heavy heads, greater understanding about the rays of light that are involved in psychic seeing, and more on working with adrenal exhaustion.

Suggested Prerequisites for this series:

Energy Medicine (book)
Basic 5-Day Training
Energy Tracker


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