TEEM Foundations

Students who successfully complete TEEM 101 as well as Year 3 of the Eden Energy Medicine Program qualify to apply for the TEEM Foundations training. Application details below.

The next TEEM Foundations training
will be March 22-25, 2019 in San Diego, CA

TEEM Foundations Details

The TEEM Foundations training is a four day class that is held in selected years and locations in both the US and the UK. This class builds on the tools and techniques learned during the TEEM 101 training.

Graduates of the TEEM Foundations training are eligible to teach their own EEMCP Foundations Year classes anywhere in the world and are also eligible to be considered as candidates for EEMCP faculty positions.

The faculty for the TEEM Foundations class are all highly-rated, senior teachers from the EEMCP. They are also experienced Foundation Classes teachers, so they bring a wealth of knowledge to this training.

TEEM August 2013

In TEEM Foundations you get to practice your skills in front of a small group.

TEEM Foundations Goals

The goal of the TEEM Foundations training is to help prepare select TEEM 101 graduates for the rigors involved in running and teaching a four-day class of detailed EEM material four times a year. A special mix of EEM knowledge, teaching skill, energetic strength, and stamina is needed to teach the Foundations Classes.

TEEM Foundations training focuses on preparation to teach EEM material in the Foundations Year of the Certification Program. Students who successfully complete this Advanced Training class, as well as all required student teaching and supervision elements, are eligible to teach their own EEM Foundations Year classes and are eligible to be considered as candidates to join the EEM Certification Program (CP) Faculty.

It is our intention and hope that all applicants have ample self-care & self-awareness practices as well as a deep and resounding dedication to the work.

In-Class Training

The TEEM Foundations class provides the tools and techniques necessary to teach the advanced-level topics covered in the first year of the EEM Certification Program. Students learn:

  • How to excel as a teacher, trainer, and business person
  • How to respond well under pressure and breeze through Q&A sessions
  • Techniques to help keep four days of classes interesting for students
  • Ways to manage energetic problems that arise in classes
  • Time management techniques
  • Self-care practices to keep you & students centered, grounded, & clear during class
  • Ways to ensure that everyone's energy stays up during long class hours
  • The best approach for keeping students motivated across a year of classes
  • What to do when on-stage demos aren't perfect
  • Administrative functions necessary to partner with Innersource
  • Hints for working with teaching assistants

The EEM Faculty involved in this training help students gain the experience and knowledge needed to run highly successful Foundations Classes.


Student practicing during class

Mentoring and Internship Phase

After the TEEM Foundations Class, the TEEM Foundations students begin a year-long mentoring process. During this time, they have two mentors focused on helping them prepare to become Foundations teachers.

The first mentor is their small group leader from the TEEM Foundations class. Over the course of 12 months, TEEM Foundations students are required to teach four EM101 and/or EM102 classes. Their small group leader supports them in this process, helps with venue selection, marketing, and other issues relevant to running successful classes. The small group leader also goes over the teaching evaluations from these EM101/102 classes with the TEEM Foundations student. You have two hours of mentoring with your small group leader.

The second mentor is a current Foundations teacher. Every TEEM Foundations student is required to serve as an Intern in four sequential classes of an established Foundations Year training. The teacher of these Foundations classes serves as a second mentor. Interns teach from the stage during the Foundations Classes, gain on-site experience with the class material, and assist a seasoned Foundations teacher in handling the myriad of details necessary to run a successful program. During this Internship year, the students also focus on the details involved in the complex relationship between the teacher and Innersource. Students receive four hours of mentoring and feedback from their Foundations mentor: one hour per class for Classes 1-4. Interns are also required to complete a separate hour of mentoring on administrative procedures after Class 4.


To graduate from the TEEM Foundations training, students must have attended all hours of the TEEM Foundations class time, served successfully as an Intern in four consecutive Foundations classes, completed all their mentoring, received positive evaluations from their mentors,  and taught four EM101 and/or EM102 classes of their own. Once these requirements have been successfully completed, students will be asked to obtain a Letter of Recommendation from their class small group leader, a Letter of Recommendation from their mentoring Foundations teacher, plus two additional Letters of Recommendation from people who have directly experienced their teaching (this can include students from their EM101/102 classes).

Innersource will, in some instances, require students to provide videos of themselves teaching Foundations-level material or participate in a Skype session with selected Innersource faculty to assure competency with Foundations-level material prior to graduation. Additional training and/or supervision may be required of some students before they graduate.

Once graduated from TEEM Foundations, students will be eligible to teach and promote official EEMCP Foundations Year classes and list those classes on the Innersource website. TEEM Foundations graduates will also be eligible to be considered as candidates to join the EEM Certification Program Faculty when vacancies exist.

TEEM Foundations Application

To apply for TEEM Foundations, please compile the required elements listed below and then complete the online application form, which is linked at the bottom of the page.


  1. EEM Educational Prerequisites
  2. Information Regarding Use of EEM
  3. Self-Care
  4. Statement of Intent about why you want to teach Foundations
  5. Three Letters of Recommendation

Before you start filling out the application, please look over these elements and instructions. Gather all the information and documents you will need to complete the application. Also, write your longer answers in separate documents in advance and then either copy and paste them into the application or upload them (as specified on the form) to prevent the form from timing out and having to start over.

1. EEM Prerequisites

To qualify to apply for TEEM Foundations, you must have completed Years 1, 2, and 3 of the EEMCP, as well as successfully completing TEEM 101.

2. Information Regarding Use of EEM

As part of your application, you will be asked some simple questions regarding how you use EEM with others (i.e. about your EEM practice, teaching EEM, being a TA in EEM classes, etc.).

While experience with an EEM practice is usually the most frequent route for gaining the necessary proficiency with EEM, we acknowledge that this may not always be the case.

3. Self-Care

A. You will be asked to describe the modalities you have explored to assist in your healing and self-development, as well as some of the self-care activities you practice.

We're interested in the tools you have developed to ground and center yourself, and how you have explored your own healing adventure. The question is not a test or a resume, but is designed to have you assess and explain how you are taking care of your own energies and how you are walking in the work. Simply talk a bit about what you do to help you stay grounded: EEM daily routine, other energy practices, exercise, music, meditation, journaling, dancing, etc.

Speak briefly in regard to any healing modalities you may have explored when working with the issues in your own life, including what worked for you (or didn't) and why: Energy sessions, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychotherapy, lessons/classes in any art form, etc.

B. You will be requested to indicate if you have had Grid and/or Regression work done, and if you have, to please list the practitioner and the date. (This is not a prerequisite for joining TEEM Foundations.)

4. Three Letters of Recommendation

Applicants are required to have three Letters of Recommendation submitted, specifically discussing the applicant's readiness to join TEEM Foundations.

  • One letter from your TEEM 101 supervisor stating your readiness to undertake the TEEM Foundations training. 
  • One letter from another active CP faculty member who is familiar with the depth of your EEM knowledge.
  • One additional letter from someone familiar with your teaching skills.

Before you submit your TEEM Foundations application, please contact the people who have agreed to provide your Letters of Recommendation and verify that they have submitted their letters using our online forms. All Letters of Recommendation must be submitted using our online forms as indicated below. Applications will not be considered until all Letters of Recommendation have been received.

  • Email the faculty members who be providing letters for you to request that they fill out and submit Innersource’s online Letter of Recommendation form for you; they all know where to find the form. If you do not know the email address for a selected faculty member, please email Andrea at [email protected].
  • Also, email the other person who will be providing your third Letter of Recommendation and provide them with this link to the TEEM Foundations Recommendation Form, so they can submit it to us. Here is the link: 
  • All Letters of Recommendation MUST be received by Innersource by the January 18, 2019 application deadline. 

Application Form

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