Year 3: EEM Clinical Practicum Classes


How can I know whether EEMCP Year 3 is right for me?

There is actually a very simple answer to this question. If you plan to do energy work beyond yourself, your family and your friends, Year 3 is a great next step. The two-year EEM Certification Program gave you many tools, techniques and protocols. Year 3 supports you in putting that knowledge into practice by enhancing your ability to follow and track energy using these skills and your natural intuitive ability.

Everyone will know more than I do. I haven't worked on many people.

You're exactly where most Year 3 students are when they start the program. We expect you to have a lot of knowledge from your Certification Program education, but we understand that you are probably uncertain about how to apply everything you have learned. Our mandate for Year 3 is to help you to bring all the pieces together into sessions, to hone your skill in thinking through possible approaches, and to support you as you find your own unique balance of skill and intuition.

How can I ever get 100 sessions done in a year?

Although this works out to about two sessions per week, it sounds daunting, doesn't it? It is not uncommon to have a slow start finding clients but invariably word gets around and your schedule fills with both new and repeat clients. If you're passionate about energy work, your enthusiasm draws in the curious. The curious become the committed, as they begin working on their own energy and return again and again because they feel good. Isn't that what happened to you?

What support do I get during Year 3?

We call the Year 3 small group leaders "mentors" as that more clearly defines their role with you. You will have two mentors during the year. Your mentoring starts during each class, where you and seven to nine other students will receive guidance and supervision from your mentor throughout the class. During the next six months, your mentor will continue to guide you through three Skype demos and two hours of individual mentoring where you can discuss session issues or any other EEM questions that have arisen. This same process takes place at each Year 3 class, with a different mentor.

How is Year 3 different from the first two years of the Certification Program?

Our former Director of Education, Michelle Earnest, said something that we feel hits the nail on the head. "In the Certification Program, you learn to do energy work, but in Year 3 you learn to really work with the energies." That is true because in the Certification Program, the techniques and protocols were front-and-center. Did you understand them? Can you show that in your written test? Can you demonstrate them for us? In Year 3 it is time to learn how to let each unique energy speak to you, knowing you have a variety of energy tools to bring to whatever presents itself.

In a nutshell, the two-year Certification Program is the "what?" of Energy Medicine and Year 3 is the "why?". With the experience of 100 sessions under the guidance of seasoned faculty practitioners, you will move into a deeper relationship with energy. As a Year 3 graduate, your enhanced intuition, skills, competence, and confidence will take your work to a new level. Whether you are building an EEM practice or already working with clients, Year 3 is your next step for excellence.

Karen BerryEEMCP Year 3 – FAQ