Year 4: EEM Advanced Practitioner Classes

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The application period for the 2019/2020 school year in the U.S. is now closed.
Applications will re-open for the 2020/2021 schoolyear next summer!

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The Advanced Practitioner Year (Year 4) of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program (EEMCP) is designed for those practitioners who have established EEM practices, years of experience working with clients, and a constitution sturdy enough to take their clients to the levels of healing accessed with Grid and Regression work.

The course work for Year 4 consists of two five-day classes that meet in fall and then spring of the following year. The fall class teaches the EEM protocols used to access and repair the Basic Grid. The spring class teaches selected EEM techniques used to facilitate Regression.

The Basic Grid is the foundation or infrastructure of the other energy systems, like the frame of a building or the bedrock of a river. To those who see energy, it looks like a graph of energy lines over which the chakras are situated. If the Grid is impaired, all other energy systems in the body become compromised, less organized, less able to adapt, and less grounded. Physical, emotional, or spiritual trauma can break the Grid, affecting the energetic health of the whole person. Repairing the Grid re-establishes this core energy, which then has a positive, corrective influence on all the other energy systems. In situations where the Grid is badly damaged, the benefits of other energy interventions may not be sustained until the Grid has been repaired.

Regression is the process of energetically and psychologically returning to the time and place where core issues in our present lives became established. This may involve loss, betrayal, illness, injury, or other forms of trauma. When we have intractable physical, emotional, or energetic difficulties that seem to have no clear physical cause-and-effect relationships, a Regression session can illuminate how and when these patterns were created. In the energetic field of that earlier time, balancing and restoring disrupted energies using EEM techniques can be deeply healing. Sometimes a Regression session will bring the person to the time that the Grid was damaged and lead to Grid work. Conversely, Grid work can often bring a person back to an earlier period and may lead to a Regression session.

An important distinction of Year 4 is that the supervision is lengthier and more in-depth than other EEMCP classes. Students are mentored for a full year and are assisted in moving through their first six Grid and four Regression sessions with clients. Because of the deep nature of Grid and regression work, Year 4 supervisors help their students ascertain when clients are ready to have the Grid and Regression protocols safely administered and make themselves available to debrief after the sessions are completed.

Year 4 Qualifies for 26 Continued Training (CT) Hours per Class!

For more information visit our Year 4 FAQ page.

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