Year 3: EEM Clinical Practicum Classes

Year 3 - Graduation Requirements

To complete EEMCP Year 3, you must:

  1. Attend both EEMCP Year 3 classes.
  2. Document an average of 2 EEM sessions per week (for a total of 100 sessions) and submit that documentation using Year 3 session sheets.
    Download sessions sheet & directions.
  3. Give six live or Skype sessions that are observed by your Year 3 mentor.
  4. Receive four hours of consultation from Year 3 faculty mentors.
  5. Complete all recommendations from mentoring faculty.
  6. Carry professional liability insurance with Innersource named as an "Additional Insured Endorsement".
  7. Complete all Year 3 class requirements within two years of beginning Year 3.

Karen BerryEEMCP Year 3 – Graduation Requirements