EEM Foundations Classes in Toronto, Ontario

Taught by Eva Gold

  • Y1 Class Description

    Take Control Of YOUR Health!

    Study the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) in a small, supportive setting with one of our Authorized EEM Foundations Program teachers.

    The one-year EEM Foundations Program gives you the training you need to:

    • Enhance your self-care skills and build a resilient energy system.
    • Gain sufficient experience to confidently help your family and friends.
    • Integrate basic EEM methods into your professional practice.
    • Enroll in the Year 2 Certification Program to become an EEM Certified Practitioner.

    The Foundations Program is a one year program, held over four expanded weekends, designed for people who want to learn the fundamental principles and methods of EEM. The instruction includes lecture, hands-on practice, and question and answer sessions. The Foundations Program will provide you with skills for working with the body's energies in order to promote physical and emotional well-being.

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  • What Students Are Saying About Our Foundations Classes

    • Change your life for the better
    • No experience necessary, anybody can learn this
    • Learn to do amazing things
    • Give the gift to yourself and others
    • Go for it, you will discover a whole different world
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    Eva Gold

    Eva Gold (CNHP, EEM-AP) is an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine therapist, authorized Energy Medicine for Women instructor and Faculty Member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in Phoenix, AZ. She is also a Licensed Natural Health and Medical Qi-gong Practitioner, Reflexologist, and a Clinical Aromatherapist.

    In addition to her full time Eden Energy Medicine practice in Toronto, ON, Eva has been traveling throughout Canada, Europe and the United States for the last ten years, delivering wellness workshops and sharing EEM techniques to give people agency in their own health and well-being. She also organizes EEM practice hubs for students who wish to deepen their EEM skills. Her clients and students have an easy access to videos recorded in support of their self care and balance.


    Walk with the masters of energy work like Donna Eden to become a master this year. The Energy Medicine Foundations Program offers students many ways to explore the realms of energy work for strength, wellness and vitality.

    Eva teaches the first year of the Foundations Program only in Toronto, ON, this year leading motivated students to discover their own powerful skills necessary to maintaining good health, overcoming illnesses, and achieving fluency in understanding how the body communicates energetic imbalances. Students engage in hands-on activities to develop strong therapeutic skills and practice EEM techniques in a creative environment. With a solid understanding of energy principles and strategies in tracking different energetic systems, students are able to conduct successful sessions with long-lasting results.


    To register for this class, contact Eva at (416) 575-2806, by email, or visit her website at:


    Class 1: May 24 - 27, 2019
    Class 2: August 23 - 26, 2019
    Class 3: November 1 - 4, 2019
    Class 4: January 10 - 13, 2020


    Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Saturday: 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Sunday: 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m
    Monday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


    Toronto offers a wide range of hotels and airbnb, excellent public transportation, outstanding cuisine suitable for all appetites and occasions, and rich exposure to art and culture.


    Innersource reserves the right to cancel Foundations 2019 event in Toronto due to low enrollment. We suggest that you register as early as possible to improve the likelihood of courses proceeding as planned.


    Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Spadina and Bloor St. W. area. Easy to get to by public transportation, car or a bike. Full address will be provided with registration.

  • Y1 Costs


    The tuition for the Year One, Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Classes is US$995.00 per class. Tuition covers handouts, meeting space, teaching staff, evaluation and feedback of written tests and demonstrations between classes, and ongoing evaluations to keep people moving forward in a competence-based learning model. Some additional class materials will be required.

    To reserve your spot, place a US$300 deposit with Innersource/Eden Energy Medicine. Click here to place your deposit. The remaining payments are made directly to your teacher. The deposit will be applied to your class 4 payment. Here’s a summary of payments:

    Deposit: US$300 refundable*
    *If you can’t find a class in your area, we will refund your deposit. Once you start class 1, the deposit is no longer refundable.

    Payments to Teacher:
    Class 1: US$995
    Class 2: US$995
    Class 3: US$995
    Class 4: US$695
    Required Course Materials: (Special Foundations Discount after you register with your teacher)
    Energy Medicine book (preferably the 2008 version)
    Energies of Love DVD (not required if you've attended this class "live" with Donna & David)
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