A Tribute to Laleah Bishop Bacon

Laleah was one of Donna’s first clients when Donna moved to Ashland in the early 1980s. Laleah expressed strong gratitude for their work together, and she later donated much of her inheritance to advance Donna’s work. Her gift supported many worthy projects for a full decade.

We were heartbroken to learn of Laleah’s passing June 2006. She lived her life fully, interacting with all age groups, all types, traveling widely, doing much good. She embodied that wonderful combination of being young in spirit, yet wise. The sound of her laughter was a joy. We loved her. . . and it was so very easy to love Laleah.

One of Laleah’s fondest hopes regarding Donna's work was to make it possible for people who did not have the means to pay to still be able to study energy medicine, and her generosity served many. We are very pleased to be able to help keep her memory alive with this tribute, which will forever be on our website.

Laleah was born in March of 1929 in Connecticut. She lived in Massachusetts and Alaska prior to moving to the Oregon mountains in the 1970’s. Laleah was curious, tenacious and had an adventuresome spirit. A life of exploration fueled her considerable creative and artistic talents. Laleah enjoyed painting, gardening, hiking, biking, birding, gourmet cooking, and searching her innermost soul. She read widely, kept detailed journals, and meticulously documented her adventures and explorations. Personal and spiritual growth became lifelong priorities that Laleah approached with courage and determination. She was dedicated to putting what she learned into practice in her daily living. She saw that Energy Medicine had the potential to improve her health and well being, so she studied and practiced, often decorating parts of her home with charts and notes to keep her mindful of her goals, which she set high. The Tibetan Buddhist tradition also nourished her during this life and comforted her at the end. Laleah was devoted to her friends and was generous with her time, money, and energy. She was particularly sensitive to the struggles of those in need and was a strong supporter of the Energy Medicine Institute in its early days. Laleah died Friday, June 23, 2006 in Ashland, Oregon.

EverettA Tribute to Laleah Bishop Bacon