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Donna Eden is among the world's most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons for energy medicine. Her abilities as a healer are legendary. Enjoy these free audio track that introduce Donna Eden and Energy Medicine.

The Little Book of Energy Medicine with Donna and Dondi

May 2013 - Runtime: 58:48

Donna and Dondi on the Dr. Pat Radio Show - Donna and Dondi talk about their book, The Little Book of Energy Medicine. Dondi shares some fascinating stories of her childhood with Donna as her mother, while Donna goes in-depth into the healing world of Eden Energy Medicine.

What is Energy Medicine?

June 2011 - Runtime: 16:46

Donna Eden on Oxford Radio - June 2011 Enjoy this fun interview and hear Donna explain what Energy Medicine is and how she got started in the field. Learn a technique to de-stress too!

Energy Medicine: From Ancient Healing Traditions to Empowerment in the Modern World

Runtime: 31:42

Sit back and listen to Donna as she answers questions from the lively Dr. Pat.

Energy Interventions When Meridian Tapping is Not Working - A teleseminar with Donna Eden & Pat Carrington

December 6, 2009 - Runtime: 1:08:30

In a ground breaking teleseminar, Donna addresses an issue that concerns everyone who uses meridian tapping. What do we do when tapping doesn’t work to shift a person’s energy and that person remains “stuck” in an undesirable emotional state? Sometimes it is a matter of finding a core issue, an aspect, or a "tail-ender" that is in the way. But often, the problem is in the person's energy state. Whether you are a practitioner of meridian tapping (perhaps using TFT, EFT, or another form, with your clients) or you simply use the method for yourself, you will be helped by Donna’s understanding of the underlying basis of unexpected resistances to tapping that can sometimes occur. Among other things, she explains the energy configurations that underlie anxiety and depression and show you how to shift them so that healing can be resumed. This is an eye opening interview.

Energy Medicine with Guest Donna Eden on Tapping to Success with Kate Beeders

June 20, 2010 - Runtime: 58:37

Energy Medicine: Healthcare for the 21st Century

Runtime: 52.51

Listen into this fun interview with Donna as she talks about Energy Medicine with Dr. Pat.

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