Titanya Monique Dahlin

I wear many different hats for Innersource, over the years. You might’ve danced with me at one of Donna Eden’s workshops with my popular program, Energy Dance, based upon the Energy Medicine work. You might’ve had a Life color Reading with me, which I have been doing since 2006. You might’ve been in a ceremony with me with the traditional Graduation Spiral or partied in one of our Radiant Parties, both of which I created. You may even have thought that I was Donna, herself…yep, that’s my mom! 

I don’t think Dondi and I ever thought we’d be teaching for our mother and so involved in the company when we were young, but we did begin helping her early on too. I was illustrating energy medicine charts and handouts for her smaller workshops since the late 80’s, while my sister, Dondi (age 12) was her secretary. We our now a huge part of the family organization.

Growing up with Energy Medicine and being in a more conscious thinking family, had set me on a spiritual path early in life. I’ve come to realize that I am a third generational healer and intuitive, brought down from my Mother and Grandmother. It was a long journey to accept this “gift” as a super power rather than a curse. I have realized that I had to share it with the world and I do this with giving intuitional readings through Life Colors, which are the vibrations in your aura which tell your Life’s Path. 

I eventually began to co-teach with my mother long before the book or her life partner David came along to even help her write the book, Energy Medicine. I came fully on board, from my other life as a professional Belly Dancer and International Stage Actress. I quickly found my niche and created Energy Medicine Dance. In the last 20 years, I focused my love of being with children and with a Waldorf School teaching background to create my Energy Medicine for Kids programs. My son is growing up with these empowering techniques now.

Titanya Dahlin

Titanya Monique Dahlin and Sequoia Rayne

When I’m not traveling the world spreading energy medicine in many different forms, I live up in the mountains of Southern California, 7,000 ft up in a magical household of 4 males…2 tuxedo cats (Winter & Solstice), an adventurous toddler, Sequoia Rayne and my significant other, Jeff.

You can learn more about Titanya, her services and her popular selection of Energy Medicine products and healing tools on her website: www.EnergyMedicineWoman.com.

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