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An article in the current edition of U.S. News and World Report is titled, “Does Your Child Need an Energy Healer?” It begins by telling of a hospitalized 13-year-old girl with leukemia who was writhing in pain and inconsolable. She was maxed out on pain medication and hadn’t slept for days. The hospital staff was at a loss.

Dr. Joy Weydert, a pediatrician who specializes in integrative pain management, stepped in, using “energy healing” that involved gentle touch and other methods. Within 10 minutes, the girl began to settle down; within 20 she had stopped writhing; and within 30 she was asleep for the first time in days. When she woke up the next morning, she said, "Do that to me again!" Dr. Weydert taught the technique to the girl's mother, who continued to regularly use it after the girl returned home and was grateful that it "empowered” her to be able to help her daughter in ways that brought such relief.

The article (click here) goes on to explain energy healing, present evidence of its effectiveness, and quite favorably addresses the question “Is it right for your child?” While only a minority of hospitals routinely provide energy healing services, we were encouraged to see this article appear in a mainstream publication, and we are heartened to know that as more mainstream healthcare institutions become ready, we will have trained an army of competent practitioners.

Happy summer!

Donna and David

Energy Healing in Action:
​​​From "On the Rocks" to "Better Than Ever"

Scott and Kendra’s Journey with The Energies of Love

As with so many couples, the early days of Scott and Kendra’s relationship were rich with love, joy, and anticipation. But also, as with so many couples, the relationship deteriorated over time. And badly! Scott was struggling with changes he couldn’t understand, and Kendra was thinking of him as an "Energy-Sucking Vortex."

Ready to call it quits, they stumbled upon “The Energies of Love” video. They both say that the techniques in Donna and David's program saved their marriage. They describe how it helped them communicate more kindly and talk about difficult topics without anger or blame.

Watch this 3-minute video as they reflect on their experience, and take in the power of working with The Energies of Love to not only SAVE a marriage, but to make it better than ever! 

Our Energies of Love Super Summit is running right now. It’s not too late to join and watch heart opening episodes with Donna and David, Jean Houston, Alberto Villoldo, and Marcela Lobos. Click HERE.

​Make the Shift to a Seasoned Healer in Year 3

Year 3 class

Students tell us that Year 3 brings a palpable shift from having the title of “Certified Practitioner” to truly being a multi-faceted and seasoned healer. In Year 3, practitioners learn to trust their intuition and become masterful in tracking the energies of the body.

Come experience what Donna considers one of the most in-depth trainings for an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner and make Eden Energy Medicine your own!

Year 3 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program starts in August in Phoenix, Arizona.

Also, if you are interested in teaching Eden Energy Medicine, Year 3 is now a requirement for our TEEM 101 Program.

Find out More and Register Before June 18 for the Early Bird Pricing. Click here for complete details!

​What Margaret Mead and Deepak Chopra Have in Common

In a fabulous interview that Donna and David just conducted with Jean Houston about what she has learned from the remarkable people she has known (from Mother Teresa to Katherine Hepburn; from Aldous Huxley to Joseph Campbell), Jean observed that Margaret Mead (photo right) and Deepak Chopra (photo below) are two of the "luckiest" people she has ever encountered. They were always met with incredible good fortune. But Jean then goes on to talk about how good luck isn’t just a matter of luck!

Margaret Mead

She observes that each met/meets life with “an expectation of grace.” They lived/live according to a vision of what is possible. They didn’t think in terms of their limitations but in terms of what they could envision and accomplish or manifest. Jean spoke of how Deepak’s mother incorporated into him an identification with the great saints, imbuing him with the spirits of Shiva, Ganesh, and Lakshmi. When terrible things happen, both Margaret and Deepak would recognize that these are passing events. They wouldn’t hold onto them. They wouldn’t let their spirits be dragged down. And, in a quantum physics sort of way, the positive field carried by their minds could literally change the structure of reality.

Deepak Chopra

After hearing all this, Donna resonated, “You know, I’ve always thought I am one of the luckiest people on Earth. I’ve always experienced energy working in exactly the ways Jean was describing.” While the entire video was filmed as a bonus for the Energies of Love Super Summit (enrollment is still open -- click here!) you can listen to an audio recording of some of Jean’s comments about what makes Margaret and Deepak so lucky by Clicking here.

​​Dreams that Can Save Your Life

A vivid, more real-than-real dream that wakes you up and later comes true can be a life-changing event. That was often the case in the first scientific study of dreams that provided compelling early warning signs of serious illness and led to life-saving medical interventions.

Along with David Feinstein, who is also a keynote presenter at the 20th Annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto, October 18 - 22, will be Larry Burk, M.D., co-author of Dreams that Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Illnesses. Dr. Burk (photo above) will be exploring ways that unexpected intuitive information can not only help detect emerging physical problems while still in their earliest stages but can also be useful in guiding the healing process.

For energy healers, a client’s dreams – even nightmares – may reveal emotional information that can shed light on the most fruitful ways to approach a serious illness. Dreams can also indicate which medical interventions are most promising and how to manage potential side effects. The presentation will address ways to distinguish between dreams that are metaphors for challenging life issues and dreams of actual physical diseases. Click here to learn more about the conference or to register.

Larry Burk

​Energy Minute from San Diego!

Celebrating The Energies of Love Summit with the Cross Over Shoulder Pull!

A great Energy Medicine gift you can give someone is the Cross Over Shoulder Pull! This helps to bring energies across the body so that deeper integration of thoughts and emotions, physical coordination, and healing can occur!

To start this technique, ask the person who is receiving this to turn around so their back is facing you. Take one of your hands and place it on their opposite shoulder. As deeply as is comfortable, dig your fingers into the front of their shoulder and pull across the back to the opposite hip. Continue by doing this a few times on one side, then switch to the opposite shoulder. While this looks like a massage technique, your hands are actually pulling energies across their back, creating a cross over pattern.

To finish, offer some gentle "scratches" with your fingernails all over their back. This lights up the Radiant Circuits and creates an even deeper sense of joy and healing!

We are celebrating The Energies of Love Summit this week! If you have not already registered, click here to join us for free!

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click www.EnergyMinute.Innersource.net.

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).


Join us for one of our upcoming events and leave with the tools to help you get out of pain, improve your immune system, and feel more joy!

"There is a wonderful transparency and authentic presence in Donna. I am always awed and feel like I am experiencing a master's teaching like those we have read about in the time of Socrates, etc.“

- Natalie Dobson

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