What’s New In the 10th Anniversary Edition

Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

Don’t miss the Updated and Revised 10th Anniversary Edition of Donna Eden’s classic, now reflecting an additional decade of experience working with the questions, concerns, and needs of 50,000 participants in the extraordinary Energy Medicine programs.

The new edition includes key insights such as:

  • Rapidly identifying your energy imbalances
  • Using Energy Medicine with other medical treatments
    • Preparation and recovery from an operation
    • Alleviating side effects of medications or radiation or chemotherapy
  • Updated easy to follow exercises for clearing the bodies energies
  • Diagrams mapping Energy Medicine with Chinese acupressure points
  • Working with the "electrics" energy system, which ties other energy systems together
  • Using easy-to-follow illustrations and step-by-step instructions, Eden shows how even novices can overcome common problems and optimize health and wellbeing.  Her writing and her classes describe how to use Energy Medicine for a wide range of concerns.

    Some of the Conditions Specifically Addressed in the Book:

    • Rapidly Identifying your Energy Imbalances
    • Using Energy Medicine with Other Medical Treatments
    • Preparation and Recovery from an Operation
    • Alleviating Side Effects of Medications, Radiation, or Chemotherapy
    • How to Nip an Illness in the Bud
    • How to Rid Yourself of a Tension Headache
    • How to Restore Your Energies While Taking a Bath
    • How to Escape the Grip of Fear
    • How to Eat Smarter
    • How to Loosen Up When You Are Feeling Stiff
    • How to Get Your Kids Out of Bed in the Morning
    • How to Pick Yourself Up at Your Droopy Time of the Day
    • How to Release Built-Up Stress
    • How to Overcome Nervousness
    • How to Rid Yourself of a Chronic Headache
    • How to Calm Your Kids (or Yourself)
    • How to Develop Abs of Steel
    • How to Siphon Out Your Child’s Pain
    • How to Relieve Low Back Pain
    • How to Keep Your Memory Sharp
    • How to Concentrate Amid Fear or Stress
    • How to Rid Yourself of an Allergy Headache
    • How to Get Back in Control If You Feel Hysterical
    • How to Safeguard Your Breasts
    • How to Energy Bathe an Unborn Child
    • How to Restore Peace After a Bad Dream
    • How to Feel Joyful More of the Time
    • How to Overcome Digestive Problems
    • How to Mend a Broken Arm or Leg
    • How to Relieve Arthritic Pain
    • How to Relieve a Cramped Muscle
    • How to Relieve Pain in Your Hands, Wrists, or Elbows
    • How to Release Neck & Shoulder Tension
    EverettWhat’s New In the 10th Anniversary Edition