A Tribute to Rand Gholson

Rand with Donna Eden

Rand Onstage at Class

Rand and Laura

Rand Gholson was a man who epitomized being “in service to others.” It is what his life was about, and it was his most natural and passionate way of living. Genuine love, care, and joy constantly emanated from him. He was a big, burly bear of a man who wore bright colors and he wasn’t afraid to hug, laugh, smile, and reach out to those who needed some extra TLC. And it was all real.

Rand never retreated from giving true compliments and genuine praise to those around him. He was supportive of all and paid respect to all. Was there someone in need? He was right there. Was someone struggling? He would find out what he could do to help. And Rand had no expectation of reciprocation 

Rand entered the hospital in Boise, Idaho on September 8th with Covid. After surviving Covid and still healing in the hospital, he was encouraged by the doctors to start teaching Energy Medicine to long-haul Covid survivors in his local area of Idaho. Both the doctors and Rand were excited. Unfortunately to the surprise of all, on October 2nd he died from an unexpected hemorrhage exacerbated by blood thinners.

The news of Rand’s death has rocked the Energy Medicine community where he was a long-time practitioner and faculty member for Eden Energy Medicine. He touched the lives of hundreds of students and colleagues and was one of the greatest advocates of these life-changing whole body holistic techniques. He credited Eden Energy Medicine as the prime catalyst for getting him off of 15 years’ worth of anti-depressants and numerous other medications and wanted to sing from the rooftops about all he had learned. He was known to attract crowds on the beach and in farmer’s markets teaching techniques and exercises to all who were interested. Many people are left wondering, “How will we go on without Rand? This world needs Rand.”

Our deepest love goes out to Laura Gholson, their children, family and all who have loved this beautiful man. If you'd like to help support Rand's family,  click HERE to visit Rand's GoFundMe page and make a contribution.

CarrieA Tribute to Rand Gholson