Acclimating to the Environment

Malls, Airports, Offices, Negativity

By Donna Eden & David Feinstein, Ph.D. © 2005

A MERIDIAN TECHNIQUE to Have in Your Back Pocket:

  • Smooth behind your ears (sedating triple warmer) and then slowly trace or flush spleen meridian.

An AURA TECHNIQUE to Have in Your Back Pocket:

  • Bring to mind a color you love and send it through your body. Imagine the color flowing through and infusing every cell in your body. Continue for 15 seconds or longer.
  • With your breath, release this color into your aura.
  • Seal it!!!! Seal your aura by crossing your ankles, breathing in deeply, and gently pressing your fingers together as you exhale. You can further lock it in with a “cross crawl.”

A CHAKRA TECHNIQUE to Have in Your Back Pocket

(From Rosalyn Bruyere via Heshie and Chana Klein)

Create a “Shield” when entering a stress-filled or challenging situation (originally designed for air travel, upon arriving at the airport):

  • Breathe gold in through your heart chakra as you extend your arms above your head.
  • Breathe silver out through your mouth, slowly, while spreading your arms downwards, around you forming a shield.

Removing the “Shield” (for air travel, upon reaching your destination):

  • Take a deep breath in and slowly blow it out.
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