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Being homebound – and for growing numbers unemployed as well – is causing many people to rethink how to spend their time. While fear, anxiety, and hopelessness are permeating many homes, online resources for using Energy Psychology, Energy Medicine, meditation, and other powerful methods are also blossoming.

Ironically, people who never “have the time” for these self-enrichment strategies are discovering that they are not only helping them cope with the uncertainties we are all facing, they are bringing a deep peace and sense of fulfillment they had not known. We are also hearing of people taking the sudden burst of free time as an opportunity for creative endeavors: starting the book they always meant to write, creating a “memories” project for their grandchildren, or finally learning Pilates from that DVD set they bought in 2008.

Entertainment is a particularly interesting challenge at this time. Never before in history have so many choices existed. Email and social media bombard us with everything from the profound to the mundane, from the worthy to the online equivalent of junk food. You know it’s not good for you, but it’s so darn compelling.

Still, what you feed your mind shapes your consciousness. One of our friends, who is a social media wizard, has observed that people are moving from “Phase 1” to “Phase 2.” The first is a kind of junk food phase where whatever comes through and seems amusing grabs their attention (including the compulsion to watch hours of news that endlessly repeats the same story).

But a point is reached where they realize the opportunity this unique time presents. How will you use it in a way that transforms yourself, that focuses your attention, intelligence, and the online resources that are available to make yourself more of the person you want to be? For many, it is a rare opportunity to recalibrate. Don’t waste it!!!

We know that was a pretty heavy directive. But worth saying. We’ll close on a lighter note. Our staff here at Innersource, with the intention of helping one another feed our psyches with nourishing material, began sharing their favorite movies and TV series. We decided to chime in, and it has been quite interesting to reflect on what we have really enjoyed and found enriching over the past couple of decades. We thought we’d share it with you. Click here.


Donna and David

Donna and David summer

Finding Relief From Chronic Neck Pain

Fundamentals class

Nancy with Fundamentals teachers Sandi Roberts and Dianne Faure and classmates Neha and Suzanne (Nancy is the one to the right with floral overlay shirt and lime/yellow undershirt).

Case History

Nancy Brown, a seasoned Cardiac Intensive Care Nurse, has struggled with chronic neck pain since August 2006 and acute sciatica pain since October 2018. When taking Level 1: Fundamentals of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, Nancy received almost immediate relief to her pain.

She also released some unexpected benefits, as is often the case with Energy Medicine. Discover all the details in her personal account!

Donna and David Share Their Favorite Energy Medicine Techniques from Lockdown

Strengthen Immunity, Maintain Healthy Lungs, Calm Anxiety and Fear, and Keep Toxins Out

Although we are not currently doing live events, we are committed to being there for you in this uncertain time. In our third video with tips and tools to help you during the pandemic, you will learn to calm your fight, flight, and freeze responsebring fresh energy into your lungs, and maintain mental clarity.

In the same spirit, our teachers from over 7 countries volunteered to present their favorite go-to protocols on our Facebook and YouTube pages. Strengthen your immune system, calm and balance your chakras, release fear, get grounded, and much, much more! Click here to view the full playlist.

Mini Energy Classes

Groundbreaking Report on Energy Medicine

New Report Will Be a Key Resource for Us All

For years, we have been looking for ways to back the many claims on the power of Energy Medicine with research data. Because subtle energy can be hard to detect and measure, there just hasn’t been a lot of research to draw upon.

That’s why we are super excited to share this new comprehensive report with you, produced in consultation with more than 65 practitioners, researchers, and other leaders in the field.

David was identified as “a key stakeholder” and given an opportunity to review the report while it was still in draft form.

The report will serve as a definitive document in our efforts to legitimize Energy Medicine. A few of the team’s findings and accomplishments:

Subtle Energy and Biofield Healing
  • Approximately 5% of the U.S. population (more than 16 million people) are receiving treatment that includes a biofield or subtle energy approach.
  • Approximately 174,000 health care professionals in the U.S. use some form of biofield or subtle energy therapy.
  • A database of more than 400 researchers in prominent universities and research institutions who have conducted or are keenly interested in biofield and subtle energy research was compiled while developing the report and has been made available.
  • A searchable database of more than 6,200 related publications has been made available.
  • A database of over 280 biofield devices that are currently in use and marketed to the public has been made available.

Both the Eden Method and Energy Psychology are mentioned prominently. While research demonstrating the effectiveness of biofield and subtle energy therapies is still preliminary, the report describes a survey in the U.K. showing that 93% of people using these therapies reported immediate benefits, including the relief of pain and improved overall well-being.

The report, titled Subtle Energy & Biofield Healing: Evidence, Practice, and Future Directions, is an unprecedented status update for the field of energy healing! You can download the full report here.

Energy Fest Update

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Energy Fest

We have decided to push back the opening of ticket sales for Energy Fest until June 2020. We regret any inconvenience or confusion. We are constantly monitoring the current world situation and trying to best anticipate what September will look like. We know that this gathering of joyful and like-minded folks is just what we all need, but we remain mindful that safety comes first.

If you want to be the first to know when we open registration and guarantee your spot in your favorite breakouts, we have created a priority email list. People on this list will have an opportunity to purchase event tickets in advance of the general public.

Click here to join our priority email list and receive a free streaming copy of Donna’s “Intro to Energy Medicine” video when you attend.

Energy Medicine and the Human-Dolphin Partnership

Donna Eden & David Feinstein

Donna with dolphin
David with dolphin

One of the great joys in our lives is getting to know some of the amazing people who go through our Certification Program. Since 1992, Donna Kassewitz has been committed to facilitating meaningful contact between dolphins and humans, believing that dolphins have a great deal to teach us, and that the more we understand their incredible intelligence and tangible love, the better we will treat our marine habitats.

A company she helped develop, Dolphin Discovery, oversees 22 dolphin sanctuaries throughout the world. It is responsible for more positive human-dolphin bonding than any other organization in history. You can see us above at the Dolphin Discovery center in Isla Mujeres, on a break during a 5-day Energy Medicine class we were teaching nearby.

Donna K has been applying what she learned in our Certification Program, with our occasional consultation, to the care of dolphins, developing her own dolphin version of a daily energy routine. She has asked us to help her take this further, and doing so is on our bucket list. Meanwhile, through her nonprofit organization, Speak Dolphin, she and her husband, Jack, have been conducting groundbreaking research on how dolphins think and communicate. Fascinating and inspiring work!

The Speak Dolphin team has been pioneering the “human-dolphin partnership for excellent global stewardship,” and they are just now launching an exciting new opportunity called the Dolphin Ambassador Program. It will include a fun, comprehensive online course that covers topics such as amazing true dolphin stories, inspiring lessons from dolphins, and ways that dolphins have helped humans heal from PTSD and other trauma.

Designed as an all-in-one resource for building a lifelong relationship with dolphins, porpoises, and whales, the program will involve incredible in-water experiences, including playing 2-way communication games with dolphins. It will also include Citizen Science Projects and Environmental Action. We were excited to see the openings this presents to those of us who find dolphins to be inspiring! If you want to become involved in this beautiful work, the Dolphin Ambassador Program is described on this Indiegogo page.

Treat Chronic Pain With EFT

Call for Clinical Trial Participants

Peta Stapleton

Peta Stapleton is a treasured colleague and one of the world’s foremost researchers in Energy Psychology/EFT. She is an associate professor at Bond University in Australia and was recently named Australia’s 2019 “Psychologist of the Year.”

In the Case History presented above, you saw how Energy Medicine helped Nancy Brown turn around a severe, elusive chronic pain condition. Dr. Stapleton’s research has demonstrated that chronic pain also responds well to Energy Psychology therapies which involve tapping on acupuncture points, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

She has just opened a clinical trial with EFT for chronic pain patients, and you don’t need to travel to Australia! The entire 6-week treatment program is being offered online. If you are suffering with chronic pain and would like to see if you qualify to be a subject in this research (there is no charge), click here.


Explore the Radiant Circuits In This 8-Part Newsletter Series

Radiant Circuit series

The Yin and Yang Bridge Flow Circuits

By Donna Eden


The Bridge Flow Circuits connect the front and back of the body as well as the body’s energetic polarities: positive and negative charges, receptive and outgoing impulses, male and female attributes, yin and yang influences. These Circuits also bridge down into one's soul and into a higher spirit. They help one stay open, as they bridge to the outside world and into the hearts, minds, and souls of other people. The Yin Bridge Flow is on the front of the body; the Yang Bridge Flow is on the back.

  • Inner schisms – alienation of body/mind, head/heart, love/sex—may be addressed by working with the Bridge Flow Circuits.
  • When an energy is stuck, a strong Bridge Flow Circuit can bridge it across to its polarity and get the system back in flow.
  • A strong Bridge Flow Circuit between practitioner and client is an important element for healing.
  • In the outer world, the Bridge Flow Circuits support the exchange of information, particularly the accuracy of intuitions about others.

Your Energy Minute

A Quick Way to Connect with Your Partner with Donna and David!

The next time you would like to bond with someone and align your polarities, this is a beautiful and gentle partner technique!

Both individuals are to face one another. The partner who is more "Yin" is to put their left hand on the back of the neck of their partner and place the right hand around their partner's waist.

The partner who is more "Yang" will do the exact opposite with the right hand softly resting on the back of the neck of their partner and the left hand around the waist.

Gaze gently into each other's eyes and you will find that your breath may even connect! Bask in that love!!!

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