April 2022 Newsletter

While the challenges facing humanity in 2022 are immense, an energy of renewal also surrounds and supports us every Spring. It is a time of new beginnings, and you can align with that energy to find fresh inspiration in overcoming longstanding challenges.

The symbol representing springtime in Chinese Five Element Theory is wood.The trees that are the source of wood begin with a seed. Contained in that seed is the push for new life. And that push has the tenacity to grow through not only the hard earth. You’ve seen sprouts force their way through cement or rock. Life springs forth in a thousand ways, and this is the season that supports the beginning of new forms.

Close your eyes for a moment and tune into the energy of Spring. Go back and forth between reading an instruction and closing your eyes to follow it (or record it and listen to it or have someone read it to you). Use your imagination as a bridge into that energy. Imagine that the forces which nurture a seedling surround you. In fact, they do! Imagine these forces resonating with a part of you that needs renewal, that is perhaps stale, or stuck, or out of date. How does that part of you want to grow? Imagine this growth happening, right here, right now, in your energy field. The energetic blueprint for a new possibility that will later manifest is being planted right now. And the surrounding energies of spring beckon it forward. It is the energy to do, to accomplish, to carry forth your soul’s desire.

If you do this one-minute exercise each day for a week, you will find that you really can align yourself with the energies of Spring. Do it out in nature at least once or twice if you can. You can read more about the energy of Spring in Chapter 7 of Energy Medicine or have a direct experience with each of the elements in the powerful “Living The Five Elements” class described below.

Wishing you the tenacity and strength of Wood wherever you are in the world.

Donna & David

Eden Method in Action

Meet Donna’s Youngest Fan!

Molly at 11 months old, about to enjoy her daily “energy fix!”

Imagine if you started using Energy Medicine to improve your health and vitality from the day you were born? For most people, that would be a rhetorical question but not for adorable little baby Molly!

Molly’s mom, Heidi Tyler, started doing Donna’s Daily Energy Routine on her, literally, from the day she was born. The best part is baby Molly absolutely loves the routine! “I keep a small Energy Medicine book next to my armchair,” explains Heidi. “Much to everyone’s surprise, as soon as Molly was able, she started picking up the book and flicking through it!”

Heidi, who has successfully used Energy Medicine to overcome fibromyalgia, is thrilled with her baby girl’s enthusiasm. The happy mom shared a sweet note of gratitude with us on our recent Rhine River cruise. “Thank you for all you do and for giving us the opportunity to heal and share our love back to you on this amazing cruise!”

The Wisdom of the Five Elements
Express Your Adventurous Spirit With the Wood Element

The Five Elements is an elegant, effective approach to balance your energy and enhance your well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Composed of five forces -- water, wood, fire, earth and metal -- the Five Elements was first mapped out by Chinese physicians over 2000 years ago.

As mentioned above, Spring is symbolized by Wood element, representing and encouraging all that is new and fresh. The Wood energy of Spring supports strong purpose, assertiveness, and the exciting, forward-moving energy of “bursting forth” with determined strength -- much like the plant you might see growing and splitting through a rock in springtime. As we welcome Spring with open arms, we invite you to take advantage of this wonderful, stimulating energy to freely express your adventurous spirit, explore out-of-the-box ideas, and enjoy bold, new experiences!

One of the best things about using the Five Elements as a guide to understanding yourself and others is that it's not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Instead, it’s a simple, flexible framework that acknowledges that everyone walks to their own rhythm.

Discovering your core rhythm (element) and those of your loved ones can give you a huge advantage in navigating relationships and overcoming obstacles… and that’s exactly what our online 5-Week Course, Living The Five Elements, is all about!

Led by Donna, Titanya, and Dondi, it’s one of our most popular (and FUN!) online classes and we are offering a discount to our readers to help you get going.

Save 70% on Living The Five Elements (expires Sunday) >>>


"Politics" is derived from the juicer Greek word, "politeia," which implies an active engagement in which people empower each other to enhance their communities. – Jean Houston

"The Earth is what we all have in common."

—Wendell Berry

4th of Series

If you didn’t read the first installment, we suggest you start here.

Bringing a New Paradigm to Politics by Becoming That Paradigm

Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D.


“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Just what would that look like? How do we become this desired change?

In the previous article in this series, my dear friend and co-author Jean Houston wrote about the six forms within which the energy of politeia can operate towards establishing a culture of vibrant health for the individual and the community.

Becoming the New Paradigm in Politics. With this article, I’d like to invite you to explore with me how you can become the change into a new paradigm in politics – a politics of health, collaboration, and planetary flourishing, rather than greed, competition, and political control. As our world grows increasingly complex, many people are uncertain that the future will be able to sustain a healthy and thriving humanity. Politeia is the art of mobilizing our collective will for the good of all.

Beyond the influences your place in society grants to you, each of us is endowed with an inherent political power. This political power resides in three qualities you already possess: your autonomy, your creativity, and your ability to envision.

Read on for 12 exercises you can use to become the NEW paradigm. >>>

Exciting Announcement - SAVE THE DATE!
Let’s Create Lifelong Memories with Lifelong Friends

After the isolation and loneliness of the past few years, most people are craving good company, community, and deep connection. So we started thinking…wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all come together in person to celebrate our shared love of learning and healing with energy medicine?

It’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Energy FEST (formerly known as IGEEM or The International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine) is BACK!

This year’s event promises to be extra special with powerful presentations from Donna plus keynote addresses by some of the world's most respected teachers and healers such as Master of Bioenergetic Medicine Dr. Sue Morter, bestselling author, and Shamanic Energy Medicine teacher, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and world-renowned Qigong Master and healer, Robert Peng, to name a few.

And…you can choose to attend a variety of breakout sessions (2½-hour classes) offered by teachers and healers from our community. These fan favorites demonstrate real-world examples of what’s possible when you add ENERGY into the healing equation! They range from sound healing to trauma treatment to topics on abundance, 5G, autoimmune issues, and more.

Join us for an extraordinary LIVE experience where you’re likely to create lifelong memories with people who might just become your lifelong friends! The event is happening in a few months, Sept 8-11 in Cleveland, OH.

Registration opens in May! Save the DATE!!

10-Part Energy Psychology Series Wrap-Up

A Unique, Curated Series to Help You Gain Maximum Benefit from
the Transformational Power of Acupoint Tapping

Energy Psychology is the umbrella term for Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Thought Field Therapy (TFT), “tapping,” and other personal growth methods that work with the body’s subtle energies. Over the past 10 months, we’ve shared a series of free articles about Energy Psychology and how it has been shown to deliver significant improvements in various psychological and physiological conditions with striking speed and durability.

The articles, which each summarize an academic paper or book chapter by David Feinstein, have focused on essential topics and themes, ranging from using energy psychology to break free from addiction to overcoming PTSD to transforming relationships to bringing peace and healing to survivors of traumatic events. The articles include scientific evidence as well as invaluable insights based on real-world case studies. To get immediate access to all 10 articles in this powerful free series, just click here.

Please note: The last two articles in this series were on disaster relief and the role of energy, but the academic papers on which they were based were not yet available in their final form at the time. Both have now been published. Click on either for free access to the full papers: Uses of Energy Psychology Following Catastrophic Events and The Energy of Energy Psychology.

Energy Medicine Retreat

A Healing Weekend at the Omega Center in New York

The Tranquil Omega Campus In Rhinebeck, NY

If you’re looking for a great way to spend a weekend… we know you’re going to LOVE this!

The prestigious Omega Center in Rhinebeck New York is bringing together world-class energy practitioners like Dawson Church, Eric Pearl, and Janie Chandler to help you tap into your inner healer (even if you think you don’t have one right now!). Donna will be joining via Livestream on the first night where she’ll be leading an exclusive Energy Medicine Demonstration plus Q and A session 🙂

The retreat, Aug 12–14, 2022, is packed with opportunities to explore and practice a variety of healing modalities. In just 3 days, you can expect to learn how to use energy-based tools to decode health symptoms, unlock healing in your body and mind, and start living with more vitality, enthusiasm, and freedom!

Click here to find out more >>>

Open For Registration!

Take Greater Charge of Your Health and Happiness

Fundamentals classes are open for registration just once each year, and the good news is the 2022 classes are starting now! All classes are led by advanced EEM practitioners, and they're available in many locations around the world. So no matter where you happen to be, chances are fairly good that you have easy access to these classes.

Fundamentals is a series of 4 classes held over 4 extended weekends over a year. Each class is designed to empower you with the EEM tools and techniques you need to address a broad spectrum of health issues and bring about powerful benefits for yourself and your loved ones, even if you're a complete beginner.

So if you’re ready to take greater charge of your health and happiness, there's no better place to start than with the Fundamentals class!

Find out more here >>>

Your Energy Minute

Blowing Out the Venom - A Great Exercise for Woods

Anger, frustration, irritation… we’ve all been there. In this video, you’ll learn a super quick yet effective exercise that can help you take heated emotions and turn them into healthy assertive energy (plus it’s fun and easy to do!). Dondi shows you how from beautiful Lithia Park in Ashland, Oregon 🙂

Click HERE to follow along >>>

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