April 2023 Newsletter

It’s 1997. We are writing Energy Medicine. As the book has been developing, it is becoming more and more detailed and comprehensive. This is feeling like a giant accomplishment. It has been two years in the making.

But suddenly we realize that with so many techniques for working with the body’s numerous energy systems, we are concerned that all the information and procedures will overwhelm people. So we set out a challenge for ourselves. Everyone is so busy. What could we teach people that they can do every day in just a few minutes to keep their energies strong and flowing?

Over the previous two decades, Donna had treated more than 10,000 people in individual 90-minute sessions. She almost always gave them back-home assignments so that what was achieved during the session would be reinforced. David asked her which techniques seemed to be the most powerful.

Donna made a list.

Then from that list, he asked her to identify the ones that are the most universal. What works for just about everyone?

From that smaller list, he asked her to select the ones that would really keep people’s energies humming and that they could do in five or six minutes.

Thus was born the Daily Energy Medicine Routine. We had no idea at that point that millions of people would be utilizing our little invention. But they have. Read on . . .

Donna and David

Inside This Issue:

  • How the Daily Energy Routine Changed One Unhappy Little Boy’s Life
  • Watch Donna’s #1 Hit and Help Us Get to 2 Million Views!
  • Let Your Beloved Four-Legged Friends Join in on the Fun!
  • The Power of the DER: Beautiful Stories of Hope, Health and Happiness
  • With a Little Help from Donna’s Most Popular Energy Routine
  • Feeling Tired or Lacking Mobility? Do the Seated DER!
  • Take a Trip Around the World with the DER
  • Eden Energy Medicine for Gut Health
  • Your Energy Minute: Special DER Edition!

Energy Medicine in Action

How the Daily Energy Routine Changed One Unhappy Little Boy’s Life

When a kindergarten teacher became overwhelmed with anxiety she turned to Advanced Eden Energy Practitioner, Mary Lichtenstein. Mary began working with the teacher and showed her how to do the Daily Energy Routine (DER). Before long the young teacher saw an extraordinary improvement in her anxiety levels and her overall quality of life. The teacher was so impressed and inspired, she shared the DER with the little girls and boys in her class. She had no idea how her simple, heartfelt decision would change one unhappy little boy’s life. Read more here >>>

Watch Donna’s #1 Hit and Help Us Get to 2 Million Views!

Have you attended a live performance by a favorite band or musician and you can’t wait for them to play that #1 hit that means so much to you? It might be “I Love You Just The Way You Are” at a Billy Joel concert or “Surfin’ U.S.A” at a Beach Boys performance.

Well if Donna’s Energy Medicine classes were a concert, her #1 hit would definitely be the Daily Energy Routine! This wonderfully healing routine is regularly practiced by thousands of people worldwide. We know because we have the numbers to prove it 😀Donna’s official DER video on YouTube is just shy of 2 million views! Why not follow along now and help us hit the BIG 2 million? Watch Donna now >>>

The Daily Energy Routine for Pets

Let Your Beloved Four-Legged Friends Join in on the Fun!

Madison King is a highly respected Eden Energy Medicine Founding Faculty Member, teacher and author as well as an extraordinary “animal whisperer.” There’s no doubt about it, Maddie is among the best of the best when it comes to helping and healing four-legged “clients” with the power of energy medicine 😃 It’s why we’re thrilled to share this exclusive, super fun, only-for-this-newsletter video by Maddie! Watch it now and learn how you can do the DER for your pets (yes, it’s possible!). Watch Maddie and demo dog here >>>

The Power of the Daily Energy Routine

Beautiful Stories of Hope, Health, and Happiness

For countless people all over the world, Donna’s Daily Energy Routine is more than just a tool. It’s a life-changing -- and in some cases life-saving -- practice and it’s often the one thing that made all the difference in helping them make their way back to health and happiness. Here’s just a tiny taste of the thousands of heartwarming comments we receive every year. Read more >>>

How Little Lexi Grew into a Smart, Accomplished Young Woman

(With a little Help from Donna’s Most Popular Energy Routine!)

Natalia Savelieve is an EEM Clinical Practitioner and Energy Medicine Authorized Teacher from Mallorca, Spain. When Natalia taught her adorable 3-year-old daughter how to do the DER she had no idea her little girl would love it as much as she did! Today, Alexia Wakefield or Lexi is a smart, incredibly accomplished 16-year-old. In this delightful mother-daughter interview, Lexi shares how the DER has helped her ace exams at school and at the conservatory where she studies music and why she believes the DER just might be the solution to some of the world’s greatest challenges! Read More >>>

Feeling Tired or Lacking Mobility? Do the Seated Daily Energy Routine!

Monique, sister of our Chief of Staff, Roger Devenyns, demonstrating the Wayne Cook posture from her wheelchair.

Most people believe the Daily Energy Routine (DER) must be done while standing up but that’s not true! Anyone can do the DER at any time. You don’t have to skip it if you don’t have much mobility (see photo above) and you can certainly do it even on days when your energy is so low you can barely get out of bed in the morning.

Here’s a wonderful demonstration of the seated DER by Advanced Eden Energy Medicine practitioner (also lovingly known as Donna’s sidekick!) Sandy Wand 🙂. Watch Sandy do the seated DER >>>

Take a Trip Around the World with the DER!

Do you know Donna’s Daily Energy Routine is available in numerous languages? As more and more people adopt the DER and make it a part of their life, translated versions of this much-loved routine are popping up all over the globe. Take a trip around the world with the DER in Dutch, Mandarin, Portuguese and more! Watch here >>>

This Month's Featured Program

Energy Medicine for Gut Health

An unhealthy digestive system can lead to serious conditions such as Acid Reflux, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Gluten Sensitivity, Crohn’s and Celiac Disease, Leaky Gut Syndrome and more. If you rely on pharmaceuticals to cope with the pain and discomfort, you already know popping pills offers relief only for a short time.

It’s why we’re excited that 2 top gut-health experts and experienced Eden Energy Medicine advanced practitioners -- Dr. Vicki Matthews and Dr. Melanie Smith -- are about to lead a 2-day live online class focused on using the power of energy medicine to heal your gut. By the end of this life-enhancing online experience you’ll have access to 48 energy-based tools and protocols to begin improving your gut health right away!

SAVE 40% if you register before May 1st! Find out more >>>

Your Energy Minute: Special Edition

Take the 7-Day Daily Energy Routine Challenge!

Every year, the Eden Method team puts together a special Daily Energy Routine Challenge. Our 2023 challenge is over but it’s never too late to join in, have fun and start a habit that can lead to improved health and happiness for the rest of your life! Click here to get started >>>

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