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In The Promise of Energy Psychology we tell the story of Pat Ahearne. After winning the Australian Baseball League’s “Pitcher of the Year” award, Pat reflected that with Energy Psychology, he “found the mental edge that raises an athlete from average to elite . . . I am so amazed by its effectiveness that I’ve made it as important a part of my baseball routine as throwing or running or lifting weights.”

Both Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology have been effectively used to enhance sports performance, and that’s our theme for this month’s e-letter. We’d like to highlight that an “energetic approach” can be applied to improve -- not just sports performance -- but any skilled activity.

Acupoint tapping has been successfully used to boost confidence, overcome emotional blocks, and reverse slumps for athletes and non athletes. When it comes to improving sports performance, even highly nuanced skills can be cultivated. For instance, while visualizing perfect basketball free throws has been shown to increase free-throw percentages, tapping on acupuncture points while imagining the shots appears to give a significant boost to the effectiveness of the visualizations.

If you’d like to know more about these energy-based techniques, there are many books and articles focused on applying energy medicine across different types of sport such as football, baseball, tennis, soccer, golf, gymnastics, archery, or bowling.

Donna has used Energy Medicine with many amateurs and a few semi-professional athletes. Swimmers were able to hold their breath longer after massaging the sternum bone that affects the lung meridian. An entire volleyball team went on a winning streak after Donna worked with the team, showing them how to get their energies crossing over optimally, using various energy techniques.

Our Oregon home is at the foot of a popular ski slope, and Donna was accustomed to weekend calls about injured knees and various other woes. She taught athletes potent self-help techniques for reducing pain that they could use before, during, or after a game or performance. She once noticed that her primary technique for improving memory also created an energetic buffer zone that gave extra protection around the head. She has taught this to many athletes whose sport included risk for brain injuries.

In this special sports issue, you will hear 3 Eden Energy Medicine practitioners tell about their use of Energy Medicine in high-level athletic competitions. We invite you to apply these same techniques in any area you wish to improve your physical capacities and performance.

Donna and David

Energy Work in Action

Achieving Peak Sport Performance with Energy-Based Tools

Pitcher, Jorge Reyes "Caught" Tapping in The Dugout of the NCAA College World Series

Sports Performance Mental and Emotional Fitness Coach Greg Warburton helps athletes enter into a calm, relaxed physical and mental state at will with practices rooted in Energy Psychology and Eden Energy Medicine. In 2006, the Oregon State University baseball team pitching coach, Dan Spencer, invited Greg to introduce energy-based methods to the pitchers and catchers on the team. What happened next was nothing short of remarkable!

Matters of the Heart: Finding Soul Satisfaction in World-Class Athletics

Photo credit: Lawrence McLaghin

Two-time Olympian Robyn Meagher’s first encounter with energy medicine transformed her into a life-long advocate of energy-based techniques. Today, the world-class runner-turned-coach devotes her time to helping athletes and clients optimize their state and find soul satisfaction in what they do. She regularly teaches Donna’s Daily Energy Routine and the Five Rhythms/Elements to help athletes perform at their best.

Dr. Erin Shannon: Meet the Superwoman of Energy Medicine in Pro Sports

Dr. Shannon with the Tennessee Titans at their practice facilities

Erin Shannon, PhD, is a Clinical Psychologist and an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner. She specializes in Sports Psychology for professional organizations, including the NFL, NHL, and NBA. She has multiple degrees and certifications in Eastern and Western medicine, and she also happens to be the mom of 6 kids! In this interview with Dondi Dahlin, Dr. Shannon shares how she went from knowing nothing about energy medicine to becoming a leading name in mind-body techniques and energy medicine at the highest levels of pro sports. You can listen to Dr. Erin Shannon's expert insights here >>>

Please note: This interview is part of the Energy Medicine & Healing Summit, a free online event where experts from diverse areas of energy medicine and healing share cutting-edge energy practices for you to unleash your body's natural ability to achieve your greatest health and wellbeing. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Intention

What happens when a Harvard psychiatrist mixes his interest in holistic energy medicine with his love for the Boston Red Sox? You get The Joy of Sox, a humorous blend of science and spirituality that explains the latest breakthroughs into the nature of the human mind by showing how these discoveries apply to the All-American sport of baseball!

Dr. Rick Leskowitz describes his research with Random Number Generators and heart coherence monitors that proves that baseball fans in the stands project an energy that influences the game. It's not just the cheering! He also shows how you can harness these invisible forces to become a more effective fan for your favorite team, as well as how to use the power of intention to create more happiness in your own life.

If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly how energy-based phenomena work, then The Joy of Sox -- which is all about the extraordinary connection between the Boston Red Sox, true love from true fans, and the “home field advantage'' -- could just be exactly what you’re looking for!

Click HERE to learn more >>

Energy Psychology Series #3 of 10

How Tapping Can Help to Heal the Psychological Roots of Illness: Saving Pauline

Over 2,000 years ago, Aristotle said, “Body and soul respond to one another in sympathy.” His poetic observation probably arose from the fact that physicians of ancient Greece believed the life of the spirit is intertwined with the state of the body and that emotional balance is a crucial influencer in health.

Although Western medicine has long grappled with connecting the mind and emotions in treating illness, significant, positive breakthroughs have been made in recent years. This is particularly true when it comes to a mind-body intervention that appears to have special strengths in its ability to rapidly resolve psychological factors in illness.

Energy psychology is proving to be a highly effective approach to overcoming difficult emotions and unhelpful beliefs without a long course of psychotherapy.

Read More >>>

Special Announcement

Looking for An Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner?
You’ll Love This!

Screen Shot Of Our New Practitioner Directory

There are times in everyone's healing journey that you need a little extra help, someone to guide you. It may be to teach you specialized techniques and it’s always about activating your own self-healing energy so you can effectively address your stubborn health issues. That’s where our Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioners can be of tremendous help!

A little backstory… back in 2006, we started a Certification Program, so people who had fallen in love with the power of Energy Medicine had a structured path to advance their skills.

Today, we are happy and proud to say we have certified over 1600 highly qualified Eden Energy Medicine practitioners! All of them having completed a minimum of 2 years of rigorous hands-on study. They carry our mission forward with expertise and heart, bringing a much-needed health care alternative to the world.

So if you’d like to find a practitioner, check out our shiny, new practitioner directory 🙂

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News Alert! Please Help Us Support Certified EEM Practitioners in Massachusetts

A pair of bills in Massachusetts propose new regulations that would immediately make all unlicensed professionals in health, well-being, and related fields illegal. This of course is a potential threat to many of our Certified EEM practitioners. A strong outpouring of negative comments would not only support our colleagues in Massachusetts, it would also discourage politicians in other states from introducing similar legislation that could seriously affect the livelihood of countless, professional and highly dedicated EEM practitioners.

Anyone can participate (even non-residents) so PLEASE take a few moments to sign the petition opposing this bill! You can click here to sign the petition >>

Your Energy Minute

Boost Your Energy & Endurance in Seconds

Whether you’re experiencing a mid-afternoon energy slump or you can barely keep your eyes open because you didn’t get much sleep last night, Dondi Dahlin and Titanya Dahlin can help you boost your energy and endurance in just 60 seconds! Join them at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on the "Rocky Balboa Steps" (cue music: Eye of the Tiger!) and keep a lookout for a special “guest appearance” from Dondi’s son Tiernan 🙂

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