August 2022 Newsletter

Our organizational motto, “Raising the vibration of the planet, one person at a time,” has remained unchanged since the 1990s. But its meaning for us has shifted as science has been providing a greater understanding of this slogan and as the need to “raise the vibration of the planet” has become more urgent.

Our initial thought was simply built upon the 1960’s notion of “good vibes” or “bad vibes” and our understanding that “good” vibes are contagious. If you have good vibes, they will affect those around you.

Studies showing that the energy field of a person’s heart measurably impacts the brain waves of a person who is nearby provided confirmation of this emblematic hippie notion. In fact, brain waves are tiny electrical impulses that vary in the height, length, and speed of their vibration (a.k.a., amplitude, wavelength, and frequency). Your brainwaves drive your mood and thoughts. Get more of your brainwaves to vibrate in the alpha range and you become more calm, creative, and receptive.

For healers who use energy medicine, vibration is a key concept. People who train with us learn to sense the vibration in different organs or areas of the body. And because the hands of a healer put out a vibration that can have a positive influence on a client’s energies, energy medicine techniques that use the hands to trace meridian pathways or circle over chakra centers have a healing effect.

In fact, the healer’s entire body/mind has a vibration. A powerful healer’s presence will in itself have a healing effect. Gloria Steinem once said of Donna: “Even the most hard-nosed doctor will admit that some people have a healing presence that makes us – and our immune systems – better than before. Donna Eden is one of those rare healers.” Angie Dickinson simply observed, “As soon as Donna enters a room, healing begins.”

The downside of this gift can be seen in our classes. Donna will want to demonstrate how to correct a particular energy imbalance. She will look at the audience to see who has this imbalance and bring the person up on the stage. If she gets diverted into other topics, by the time she turns to the person, the imbalance she wanted to demonstrate has been spontaneously corrected. It’s a problem. 😉

Where our organizational motto is vital now is that keeping your energies humming at a high and healthy vibration may be the most potent single thing you can do to help raise the vibration in this troubled world. Supporting you in that calling is the purpose of our organization.

Here’s what’s included in this issue:

  • Energy Medicine in Action
  • World's Most Adorable Zip-up
  • Technique: Blow Out The Candle and Relax
  • Your Life Color Holds The Answers
  • Donna & David’s High Vibe Tribe!
  • Raising the Vibration for Ukraine Orphans Relocated to Poland
  • Creating Beauty out of Chaos with Vibration Alone
  • 7 Days of Free Training
  • A Chance to Gather In Person at Energy Fest
  • An Unforgettable Weekend with Donna & David in Upstate New York
  • Your Energy Minute

Much love,
Donna and David

Energy Medicine in Action

How Donna Saved A Young Woman’s Life

Donna Holding Neurovascular Points

The vibration of the energies in your body reflects your health, and when you raise your vibration to a more optimal level, it becomes possible to successfully address illnesses and even heal serious wounds. No one knows how to do this better than Donna herself, and her extraordinary skills were put to the test one fateful evening in Mexico when a young woman was run over by a bus. Read more>>>

The World’s Most Adorable “Zip Up” Demonstration!

Teach This To Your Kids!

Candice Garcia has just completed her Level 2: Fundamentals Certification and loves sharing energy medicine tools with her 5-year-old daughter Adalynn. Every morning she says, “Okay now, let me zip you up!” and without missing a beat, little Adalynn responds, “Uhhh, mom, I know how to zip myself up!” Here’s Adalynn expertly demonstrating the Zip Up, which helps to raise your vibration and protect and fortify your energy system. See Adalynn do the Zip Up 🙂

Blow Out The Candle and Relax

Dondi Dahlin is an expert in the powerfully effective Five Elements healing system, which incorporates the vibration of sound to promote health and happiness. In this fun, engaging video Dondi shows us how to use the “Blow Out the Candle” sound-based technique to relax the body and balance our emotions, plus other easy exercises to calm our body’s stress response. Blow Out the Candle with Dondi >>>

Your Life Color Holds The Answers

You might already know that colors vibrate at different frequencies but did you know there is a color that is uniquely yours? Your Life Color is your energetic blueprint, and it holds the answers to some of life’s biggest questions like “What is my soul’s purpose?” and “Why was I born?” In this video, Donna’s daughter and gifted intuitive healer Titanya Dahlin shares the magic of Life Colors and how she helps people connect with their heart’s true desires and align with their higher purpose. Click to watch >>>

Donna & David’s High Vibe Tribe!

Photo credit Karen Harms

Is there anything more uplifting than seeing hundreds of people reach for the heavens in unison? This past July, Mindvalley University’s global campus in Tallinn, Estonia, attracted thousands of people from around the world. The extraordinary 21-day personal growth event included exciting parties and gatherings, as well as talks, classes, and transformational learning opportunities led by an illustrious group of teachers, including our own Donna, David, and Dondi 🙂 It was a remarkable experience, and we love how this photo captures the “high vibe tribe” energy at the event. It’s a beautiful snapshot of Donna and David showing the audience the Connecting Heaven and Earth technique (check out Eden Energy Minute below to learn how to do Connecting Heaven and Earth :-)).

Raising the Vibration for Ukraine Orphans Relocated to Poland!

Educational Psychologists Learning and Practicing Energy Psychology Techniques

Aga Kehinde and Jessica Mór are natives of Poland who are highly proficient EFT practitioners. After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, they have teamed up in the tiny Polish town of Slupsk to assist with the emotional devastation visited upon Ukrainian refugees, including the children from three Ukrainian orphanages. To meet the immediate needs, Aga has returned to Slupsk, which was her hometown. Jessica is providing back-home support.

Aga has provided hands-on training in tapping protocols geared toward refugees to over 600 educational psychologists, teachers, and orphanage staff
, all of whom are working directly with the incoming refugee community. Besides learning powerful tools for managing distress, the confidence of these caregivers has increased so that they can better support and understand the refugees in their care.

Aga and Jessica estimate that in their first three months, the techniques have reached upwards of 6,000 people from within the most vulnerable communities in Slupsk, including not only the Ukrainian refugee families and orphans but also in the host community. Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with large reductions in subjective distress being reported.

For background information on using tapping protocols following catastrophic events, see David’s recent article.

Creating Beauty out of Chaos with Vibration Alone

Vibrations come in all forms, including sound. Kenichi Kanazawa is a Japanese artist who studies cymatics, the art of visualizing sound vibration. This unusual and fascinating video captures Kanazawa’s astonishing demonstration of the the power of vibration to create order and beauty from chaos. Click to watch >>>

7 Days of Free Training

Celebrate Energy Psychology & Energy Healing Week

Methods that only address the mind or emotions aren’t sufficient to help people heal.

That’s why energy psychology uses the mind and body to calm the nervous system where stress is stored and rapidly reduce trauma and anxiety.

This holistic method can be integrated with traditional methods to bring breakthrough results in less time and have more long-lasting results for your clients.

Join over 8,500 people on August 22nd and gain free in-depth training, no credit card required. Start making a bigger impact today. Click HERE for details.>>>

Calling All Energy Lovers!

Save $300 Before Our Early Bird Expires Tonight!

This year’s Energy Fest is shaping up to be one of our best ones yet! You’ll have the chance to discover the latest and greatest in energy healing while learning directly from some of the world’s most celebrated teachers, including Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Thema Bryant, Alberto Villoldo, Robert Peng, and Donna and David too (of course!).
Oh, and this isn’t your average “ho-hum” learning experience. It’s a festive gathering like no other (our dance parties are legendary!) Register before midnight tonight (Aug 18th), and you’ll save $300 with our special early bird tickets 🙂 Learn more & sign up here >>>

An Unforgettable Weekend with Donna & David

We’re excited to share that the Omega Center is hosting an in-person healing retreat this September at their gorgeous campus in Rhinebeck, New York. In one unforgettable weekend, you’ll have the chance to meet and learn directly from Donna and David on how to use energy medicine to start reclaiming your body’s natural health and bring more joy to your life. Learn more >>>

Your Energy Minute

Enjoy an Energy Boost With "Connecting Heaven and Earth"!

In today’s Energy Minute, Donna, Titanya, and Dondi show you how to say goodbye to low energy in less than a minute. Try it, and you might find yourself jumping off the couch (or out of bed!) to complete the tasks and to-do lists you’ve been putting off 🙂 Watch now >>>

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