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When Donna began to study ancient healing systems, she was amazed to find that some of the energies she had always been able to perceive visually had been mapped long ago by healers in one part of the world or another. There was usually a close correspondence between these maps and what she sees, but sometimes differences as well. She addresses these differences in her writings. One difference that was more a matter of emphasis than disagreement, but extremely important nonetheless, involved “Triple Warmer.”

Donna sees Triple Warmer as having a much more prominent role in the body’s energies than is usually described. It is the energy system that orchestrates the immune response to protect you from infectious diseases and microscopic invaders. It governs the stress response and the fight/flight/freeze mechanisms that protected your ancestors from dangers in the environment. Triple Warmer also maintains habits of body, mind, and behavior that are oriented toward survival. And Triple Warmer is challenged in every one of us today because it evolved for a world that no longer exists!

Many if not most autoimmune disorders can be traced to Triple Warmer’s outdated strategies. Donna knows this intimately from her own struggles with multiple sclerosis, but Triple Warmer is involved in many health challenges, particularly stress-related disorders. This month’s Energy e-Letter presents two cases where people received decisive help with chronic fatigue syndrome by working with Triple Warmer and related energy systems. And in the final piece, Donna shows you a one-minute exercise for bringing balance to Triple Warmer. With the holidays upon us, you may find it to be a wonderful gift to carry around in the “back pocket” of your mind.

We are also happy to share Titanya's piece below featuring a video with our new grandson Sequoia, dedicated to the Baby Belt Flow and Daily Energy Routine for the little ones in your life!

May this holiday season bring you peace, beauty, and joy!

Donna and David

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Donna and David sharing time with class participants at Esalen Institute

Energy Healing in Action:
Energy Medicine Helps Lift Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Ali was more than ready for a change when she first met with Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner Angie Sanders. At that point, Ali had been working through the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome between 13 and 14 years. Ali and Angie both wrote to us, sharing Ali’s story of first finding hope there was something she could do to help release the grip of her symptoms, then discovering meaningful help through both Energy Medicine sessions with Angie and following through with her own self-care practices at home.

From Ali:

By the Autumn of 2016, I’d had chronic fatigue syndrome for about thirteen to fourteen years. I had tried various alternative therapies through the years without much success. At home, I used pacing, rest, and meditation to try to control the symptoms. With these exercises, I was able to work in a preschool for twenty hours a week and do some exercise (having built it up very slowly), but there were many things I couldn’t do, and in many ways my life was restricted. Then, in October 2016, I had a major, major relapse where suddenly all I could do was lie in bed. After eight weeks, I managed to get back to working twice a week for three hours a week, but needed to lie down for two hours afterward. Aside from work, I could take small walks, but this was pretty much all I could do. I felt my life was now severely limited and, after a few years of not researching into what could help chronic fatigue, I started considering it again.

A "Recovering Surgeon" Discovers the Power of Eden Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is powerful medicine. In the video below, "recovering surgeon" Gina Sager, M.D., offers insight into how Energy Medicine helped her autoimmune challenges. She offers:

"... I don't think it's in any way separate from Western medicine, because we know, even though we will likely not admit it, that we're energetic beings. We do EEGs and EMGs and EKGs; all of which are measuring the energies in the body. It's not tangible or palpable in the way that I'm used to, but it feels more powerful than what I can do with the scalpel."

Click here or the image below to view Gina's interview. If you or a loved one are interested in learning the basics of Eden Energy Medicine through our Foundations Classes, click here for complete details. We offer classes around the globe, starting in April/May/June.

The Daily Energy Routine and Belt Flow for Babies!

Titanya and Sequoia

By Titanya Dahlin

The big new blessing in my life is my 6-month-old son, Sequoia Rayne, who we met on the day of his birth and joyfully adopted. He joins the family with my partner, Jeff Richards, his new grandparents Donna and David, and Dondi, Roger, and Tiernan. As fate would have it, he entered our lives as I am completing my book, Energy Medicine for Kids. So I have been experimenting with adopting the methods for infants, and Sequoia gets to be the first to benefit!

Many of the techniques we’ve come up with will be in my book, but I wanted to share one that he particularly loves, the Baby Belt Flow. Click here for a video of Sequoia receiving it from me.

Energy Minute from the Mendocino Coast


When you feel stressed, your fight/flight/freeze response comes over you. This technique will help to release tension while also relaxing your eyes.

To begin this exercise, place your thumbs in the middle of your forehead, press in, then pull both of them out toward the temples. Follow your breath while you do this. Next, hold your thumbs on the temples and wrap your fingers around the back of your head, allowing your fingers to touch. Hold this position while breathing deeply. This not only lifts the stress off of you, it also helps to refresh the circulation around your eyes. Take a break from your computer or phone screen right now and try this. 

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).

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