December 2020 e-letter

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Everyone Agrees It's Been a Crazy Year!

And Our Staff Remains Passionate as We Move into 2021

Staff Meeting 2020

Our Wonderful Eden Method Team During Our Annual Staff Meeting!

Every year, for more than a decade, we have gathered in Ashland, Oregon to celebrate our staff with an all-day holiday get-together.

It’s our time to review the year together and hear from, recognize, and appreciate each person in the room; and say to them, once again, with the same deep sincerity each year, “You are the wind beneath our wings.”

These are special moments for us because our staff is like family.

Most of our staff have been with us for over 10 years, many over 15, and some over 20! We’ve watched their children be born and grow up. We’ve shared in their triumphs and their tragedies.

And as a small, family-led company where frankly we didn’t know quite where we were headed for the first 20+ years, we can’t thank them enough for sticking with us. 🙂

This year our holiday gathering had to be held over Zoom. Looking at the above 2020 staff picture, we couldn’t have felt more supported as we have moved through this crazy year. And we are so gratified to watch our daughters, Titanya and Dondi, making such incredible and widely-recognized contributions to the development of EEM!

Our team was forced to rethink our entire slate of programs so we could provide health care guidance at a critical time when people need it the most while keeping our staff, our faculty, and our students safe. Some of you might remember our “lockdown lives,” where our teachers shared their favorite techniques for dealing with this stressful time -- all from lockdown in their homes across the world. They’re still on YouTube if you want to watch. Click HERE.

If the pandemic wasn’t enough, fires from Ashland to Eugene, Oregon where most of our staff lives, forced several of our employees to evacuate from their homes. Although many of our friends lost their homes, our staff’s homes were ultimately spared.

It’s been quite a year.

And yet, through it all, our resolve to share Eden Energy Medicine with the world is as strong as ever. If anything, this year has shown just how urgent it is that we continue to empower everyone we can to take control of their own health. The heroism of our health care workers during the pandemic is breathtaking, yet there is so much we can all do to keep ourselves healthy. Common sense practices like wearing masks and social distancing, of course, but so much more.

We invite you to strengthen your resolve to learn and practice your Eden Energy Medicine techniques. Do the Daily Energy Routine . . . well, daily! Trace your meridians. Energy test your food and supplements. Activate your Radiant Circuits. Be grateful.

You can do so many powerful things at home to stay strong, safe, and healthy.

We appreciate your involving us on your journey toward taking your health into your own very powerful and electro-magnetic hands!

And to our staff who help make all this possible, we send our deepest heartfelt thanks. We couldn’t do it without you.

May 2021 bring renewed healing to all.

Love and blessings,

Donna and David

Eden Energy Medicine in Action
Energy Medicine Dance Reignites Yvonne's Passion for Dance


Yvonne has always had a love for music and was captivated by
Energy Medicine Dance.

Case History

Yvonne was on her school's gymnastics and international dance teams as a teenager, and as a young teacher, continued to remain active in dance through her community outreach program. She has since struggled with various mobility challenges due to a biking accident and sports injuries. When she discovered Energy Medicine Dance, she found hope, healing, and joy.

A New and Unique Approach to Chakra Work

Save 50% Before Midnight

Advanced Chakra Healing

In this class, Donna creates a series of new and unique energy techniques that can unlock the healing power of your chakras in unprecedented ways.

In this class, you will:

  • Learn about and master chakra techniques from the Celtic healing tradition to bring more creativity, more heart, more self, and more purpose to your life.
  • Set the stage for just how vital the chakras are to vibrant health and well-being.

  • Learn how to access and clear each chakra to help you or your clients release old stories AND find deeper meaning and spiritual connection.
  • Discover how chakra energy impacts everyday life so you can leverage their power to free yourself of unconscious blocks and live an abundant life.

  • Improve your relationships when you learn how to speak your truth and set healthy boundaries as a result of chakra spiraling techniques.

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Help Bring Affordable, Effective Healthcare to Communities Around the World

Our Scholarship Drive is On

Scholarship Drive

We're nearing the end of our annual scholarship drive. So far, we've raised $11,969.79! Just enough for 6 students to attend Year 3 of our Certification Program! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!

We still have a way to go to reach our goal of providing 20 half-scholarships for qualified students in need. Our eventual goal is to place a highly trained practitioner in every major city in every country in the world.

Last year, it was wonderful to be able to offer 14 scholarships, but heartbreaking to have to turn away 14 other applicants who we recognized as having tremendous talent and potential. This year, we expect at least as many applicants and would like to grant more scholarships.

Imagine if your child who has school anxiety or your grandfather with a cancer diagnosis could go see an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner in their town.

Maybe even someday that practitioner could be you.

Here is just one of the many comments from grateful past scholarship recipients who are now paying it forward:

"I practice in an area which basically knows little or nothing of Energy Medicine, but I've seen a stirring over the years. I thank the Universe every single day that I found Eden Energy Medicine; it has been the catalyst for me and my whole family and numerous friends and acquaintances to begin living an expanded, multidimensional life of health and Wellbeing! I endeavor to bring that same transformational power to my clients."

~ Frances Walker

"Not only did Eden Energy Medicine eradicate the scary health crisis I was dealing with that no doctor could figure out, but it also helped me to expand my career. I am now a grateful business owner who gets to give the gift of this work to others in need! And the results have been spectacular!"

~ Angela Failor

"I opened a practice, went through all 4 years and the teaching program, and then was blessed to become Director of Education for Innersource for 5 years. The scholarship made my path possible!! So grateful."

~ Michelle Earnest

Please donate what you can—any amount is appreciated and will make a difference!

Help us reach our goal of 20 scholarships -->

7-Day Better Breathing Challenge Made a Huge Difference for So Many

Techniques for Staying Strong and Healthy for Flu Season

Better Breathing Challenge

Comments are pouring in about our latest challenge:

"Thank you so much for this challenge. Talk about synchronicities! I had an asthma attack, and since then, although I can breathe so much better, the last few days with the cold, I’ve been having a slight tightness. You are life savers for me with this one."

"Wow, I did the exercises following Donna's lead, and I have to say that I feel much better. I feel the energy increase and mental boost! Beautiful!!!"

"These techniques for better breathing shown by Donna and her daughters help me breathe better while I'm taking beta blockers for high blood pressure."

"These exercises have helped me a lot in the process of recovering from the virus."

"I just did the lung exercises, and it helped to release more mucus! Felt really good."

The challenge may be "officially" over, but you can take up these exercises any time—and as we are in the midst of cold and flu season, we would encourage you to!

The exercises in these video are designed to help you destress, keep your body clear of toxins that can potentially lead to sore throat and congestion, stimulate your vagus nerve, assist your digestion, and more.

Click here to get started on YouTube -->

Month 2 of the Five Elements Series!

By Donna Eden

Explore the Five Elements In This 6-Part Newsletter Series

Donna Eden and the Five Elements



Waters have an undulating, flowing gait, as if swimming in water. They sometimes look like they are walking in a processional, or perhaps in a bit of a dream. They move slowly and as if pulled closer to the earth by gravity. Waters don’t like to be rushed.

Many artistic, creative people tend to be Waters, as Waters are often introspective and introverted. When a Water is in stress mode, fear and hopelessness are the dominant emotions. The Water cycle governs the kidneys and bladder, so physical issues may show up in these areas.

In the yin cycle (inward), Water taps into deep wells or sources. In yang mode (outward), Water gushes forth and flows, filling and overflowing containers.

Your Energy Minute

Better Kidney Function with Donna, Titanya, and Dondi!

There is a great technique you can use to support your kidneys. Massage into and/or move your fingers in a circular motion around two points on your lower back to help your kidneys process and filter toxins. This exercise also helps to calm and invigorate your kidneys!

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