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December Newsletter

It’s the end of the year, and the holidays are here! As we celebrate all that we have to be grateful for, we may also have to contend with feelings of grief and loss as we reflect on all that we may have lost.

With this in mind, we are devoting our final e-letter of 2021 to rituals and traditions that can bring us closer to loved ones and bring more joy, love, and laughter into our lives.

Most people have special rituals and traditions to mark the holidays and other occasions. Our family rituals and traditions are also very special to us, but they are not particularly unique (we enjoy family meals together, decorate the Christmas tree, open presents together, light the menorah, etc.)

However, we – Donna and David – have two delightful daily rituals. One of these rituals is Donna’s delicious ritual for David (see video below). The other is an energy balancing ritual David does for Donna nearly every morning. The energy balancing ritual includes techniques that vary from day to day, but most of the time, the techniques used are based on the Daily Energy Routine like the Four Thumps, the Crown Pull, the Crossover Shoulder Pull, and the Hook-Up.

We often add a unique flavor to this ritual by bringing in a verbal element at the end (usually when David does the Hook-Up on Donna). We create affirmations that address three important aspects to start the day – appreciation, blessings, and guidance.

Appreciations are statements of gratitude about what is right and good about our individual lives and our lives together. Blessings are about finding words for our highest intentions for the coming day. Guidance is about listening for internal wisdom about the day ahead and putting that wisdom into words.

Over the years, our little daily rituals have united our hearts, aligned and connected us, and brought us closer together. We deeply enjoy them and look forward to them every morning. Remarkably, these simple activities have the power to add so much happiness to our day. In the past two years, our rituals have become even more meaningful and precious in light of everything that’s happened (we’ve both lost dear friends to Covid).

As we move into the last few weeks of a challenging year for most of us, we invite you to reflect on the appreciation, blessings, and guidance you have received throughout 2021 and perhaps create affirmations that you can share with friends and family. We would also like to encourage you to consider creating a daily ritual of your own, whether it’s something you do by yourself, with your partner, or with the whole family.

We hope this e-letter adds some joy and a dash of fun to your day. On behalf of the entire team at Eden Method, we wish you a healthy, happy inspiring holiday season – and here’s to a beautiful new year!

Donna and David

Eden Method in Action

Donna’s Delicious Morning Ritual for David

Traditions and rituals can help us tap into a wonderful sense of belonging, meaning, and purpose during the holidays… and every day! In this very special edition of “Energy Medicine in Action,” Dondi shows us how her mom Donna has created a simple, healthy ritual that she does almost every day. It’s a treasured routine for Donna, and it’s something David looks forward to every morning (watch for his happy smile at the end!)

Watch Here >>>

Want to try Donna’s healthy malt drink? We thought you might, so here’s the recipe! Please note that this recipe is straight from Donna’s heart, so there are no exact measurements 🙂 We encourage you to experiment and go with what your heart wants (you’ll see that we’ve also added a few special holiday ingredients!)

Donna’s Healthy Malt Recipe (Today's Version)


Collagen protein
Turmeric infusion
Frozen banana slices
A sprinkle of holiday cheer
A slice of peeled mango
Small handful of pecans and almonds
A dollop of joy


Blend all ingredients
Sprinkle with love
Pour into a special glass.
Serve with a big, happy smile!

The Annual Eden Energy Medicine Holiday Toast

Celebrating the Power of the Human Spirit

This year, Donna and David shared an online holiday toast to celebrate the festive season with Eden Energy Medicine Certification students and graduates. The gathering was so special, we decided to share it with all of you. 🙂

Watch this fun, celebratory – and ultimately healing – video where you can follow along as David leads the group in a deeply moving and inspirational tapping sequence about the power of the human spirit (look out for a special “ancestral” edition of Donna’s “Heaven Rushing In” exercise!).

Watch HERE >>>

Want to Change Thousands of Lives for the Better?

Help Create a Qualified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner!

The past two years have been hard for millions of people, and for some, it’s been the worst years of their lives. Too many of us have lost loved ones to Covid. Many are facing the challenges of single parenting on a low income (as Donna once did); others have lost their jobs or are coping with unforeseen life circumstances that significantly limit their resources.

So here’s a question from our hearts to yours… would you like to make a difference that could potentially change thousands of lives for the better?

The Scholarship Fund makes it possible for worthy future practitioners to bring help to thousands of people during the course of their careers, and your donations can make that happen!

We have 1600+ Certified practitioners to date, and 286 of them were supported by the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Scholarship Fund. This year, nearly triple that number have applied for our scholarships. So far, we’ve received enough donations to support just ONE student and we hope you can help us change that!

As the end of the year approaches and you prepare to make your charitable contributions, we would be forever grateful if you consider including our Scholarship Fund on your list!

Please click here to find out more & donate (donations are tax-deductible) >>>

A Beautiful Eden Energy Medicine Holiday Ritual

Eden Energy Medicine -- particularly the Daily Energy Routine -- has made its way into the hearts and homes of countless people worldwide! Many have embraced this powerful routine and turned it into a holiday ritual -- including certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioners Ann Sheridan and her partner Sherri Nicholas!

Ann, who was an EEM student when the picture was taken, is demonstrating The Daily Energy Routine to her family during their annual, traditional Thanksgiving meal. Ann is a registered nurse, and she was introduced to Eden Energy Medicine by Sherri (a well-worn, much-loved copy of Donna’s Energy Medicine book has been in their household since 1999!)

Special note: Both Ann and Sherri are recipients of the scholarship fund, which assisted them in completing their certification as practitioners in 2015 (for more information on the scholarship fund, please see the scholarship donation segment above).

Energy Psychology Series #7 of 10

How Acupoint Tapping Can Help Transform Relationships

Relationships are challenging for everyone, yet the quality of your relationships correlates strongly with your happiness, sense of well-being, and even your physical health. Can acupoint tapping help you and your clients address the challenging issues that even the best relationships bring our way? Practitioners are, in fact, finding that the answer to that question is “Yes!” Tapping can be effectively applied to foster greater intimacy, trust, understanding, and ease.

This month’s article takes a close look at the power of energy psychology for improving relationships. It shows how tapping can be used to develop 7 key relationship skills and includes revealing examples from Donna Eden’s 44-year relationship with her husband and closest collaborator, David Feinstein (hint: it’s not always been easy, even after it’s become wonderful!)

Read more >>>

They Were Smarter Than We Realized!

(Donna and David are reading this book together and they love it!)

A ground-breaking book by an anthropologist-archeologist team, more than a decade in the making, offers a new take on humankind’s history. Why is it relevant for an energy healing newsletter? First of all, history is the foundation of our self-concept as a species, so evidence requiring a major revision is relevant to everyone. More to the point for our audience, however, is that ancient healing traditions, which modern forms of energy medicine are reviving, may deserve greater respect than they generally receive in a culture driven by a materialistic form of science.

Read more >>>

Laughter is the Best Medicine This Holiday Season!

Can you picture Donna, David, Titanya, Dondi, and Roger celebrating a tropical Christmas together -- dressed as elves? Neither could we, so we decided to take matters into our own hands! Here’s a delightfully funny, never-before-seen video we made just for you (we dare you not to laugh out loud!)

Watch HERE >>>

Your Energy Minute

Invite Peace & Calm Into Your Heart

In this memorable holiday Energy Minute from a few years ago, Donna and the entire Oregon Eden Method team demonstrate “The Triple Warmer Smoothie.” It’s a simple, effective exercise you can do in less than a minute to overcome holiday overwhelm and invite joy, peace, and calm into your heart once more 🙂

Click HERE to watch >>>

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