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Dearest Donna,

You turn 77 on this day. Seven has always been a special number for us. We met in 1977, on June 21 (3x7). We married seven years later, on October 7. No matter how much we have moved around and traveled around, our official address for four decades has been 777 East Main Street in Ashland. You were the one who signed the form from the movers showing that it was 777 miles to 777 E Main St. Our 70s are proving to be our best decade ever, individually and together.

You were born on February 28 (7 x 4 = 28). We met when you were 34 (3 + 4 = 7). I was enchanted by your home-spun wisdom, the magic you seemed to carry, your easy rapport with forces I couldn’t see, and your absolute sweetness. Your main role was as a mom, but you loved photography. Because you see people at their highest, you could capture a person’s spirit on film, and it was enthralling for little nobody me to be receiving calls from famous actors and actresses (not their managers) frantically trying to track you down so they could get you to photograph an upcoming performance.

During our wedding vows, you spoke of your young daughters and told me that “With such a dowry, you will be a very rich man.” And so has it been for me. From only-child to nuclear family in a heartbeat! And now I am enjoying their full embrace of me as the grandfather of their glorious sons, Tiernan and Sequoia. My life has been immeasurably richer for this journey, and I am as proud as any father could be as I’ve watched Titanya and Dondi become shining lights within our organization!

We of course never meant to start an organization. We meant to write a book. Everything else has unfolded with us hanging on to the tail of the tiger, hasn’t it! It’s been an amazing ride to find ourselves at the center of a movement bringing in a new/ancient form of healing, but our personal relationship has also been an amazing journey, and one that is invisible to most people. I wasn’t ready for a deep partnership when we met. You have been training me about love ever since. I think I’m getting the hang of it. Loving you from close up is the most profound privilege in this wide world that I can imagine. Thank you! You are an incredible human being, Donna. With my profound blessings to you on your 77th Birthday!

I love you so dearly.


P.S. Be sure to also see Titanya’s and Dondi’s birthday tributes to their mom.

Donna and David summer

Effie's Journey of Transformation

Effie Roberts, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, with Dondi Dahlin

Case Study

Like many people, Effie Roberts turned to Energy Medicine to address physical symptoms. As she began taking classes and getting deeper into the techniques, though, her life transformed in ways she never could have imagined. Now her life is literally upside-down as she's moved from Canada to Australia!

As she so beautifully puts it, EM helped her "to find that little magical trail through all of the mess and into an entirely new life." In this video interview with Dondi Dahlin, you'll discover how Effie used the tools of EM to navigate out of chaos and find true love.

What Makes a Great Practitioner

In this video, Donna and David share their perspectives on what makes a great practitioner.

Do you feel called to share the power of Energy Medicine with others?

Whether you want to open your own practice or bring healing to friends and loved ones, our classes can help you discover your inner healer.

Level 1: Fundamentals is where it all begins. Learn more here! -->

Discover What's Possible With Energy in the 21
Breakout Sessions for ENERGY FEST!

Energy Fest

Archetypes for healing...the empath's aura...protecting yourself from 5G...these are just a few of the topics you'll delve into at ENERGY FEST! These 21 breakout sessions present a rich array of topics so you can explore ENERGY in all its facets.

In addition to the 21 breakouts, Donna and David and Sara Allen will also be giving feature presentations. If you don't know Sara, Sara has been an advanced practitioner of the Eden Method since 2001 and was a founding faculty member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in 2006.

Click here to view all of the breakout speakers and descriptions of their sessions!

Eden Method Teacher Training

Eden Method Teacher Training

If you have graduated from our 2-year Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, you can join our teacher training program!

This spring, we will be opening registration for our teacher training program October 8-12 at The Dana Resort in San Diego.

This class will prepare you to teach the Eden Method and become authorized to teach one-hour Eden Energy Medicine classes with our handouts, curriculum, and PowerPoints. This class is also required (and the first step) if you want to become a Level 1: Fundamentals teacher.

More details to come! Meanwhile, the dates are in stone, so you can purchase those plane tickets now to meet us in San Diego and embark on a career as an Eden Method Authorized Teacher!


Explore the Radiant Circuits With Us In Our New 8-Part Series

Radiant Circuit series


By Donna Eden


Central meridian’s pathway flows up the front center of the body, feeding energy to the brain. Governing meridian’s pathway flows up the back center of the body, feeding energy to the spine and much of the nervous system. The two meridians meet at the back of the throat, creating the possibility of a single, combined circuit or channel.

When connected there, Central and Governing begin to behave like Radiant Circuits. (When linked in this way, this circuit is also called the Microcosmic Orbit.) That connected circuit generates a force field which radiates inwardly and outwardly, bringing strength and vitality to the meridians, the chakras, and the aura.

When a person is filled with confusion or self-doubt, activating Central and Governing can pull the cerebrospinal fluid up to the brain and calm the nervous system, supporting clarity and confidence. When a person is over-sensitive to other people or the energies in the environment, activating Central and Governing lends protection by strengthening the aura.

Energy Medicine to Strengthen Your Aura with Titanya Dahlin!

Butterfly Flying Away is an Energy Medicine exercise designed to strengthen your aura! This will raise your energy levels, protect your auric space, and will help to empower you if you happen to be a shy person!

Start by bringing one hand up your Central Meridian line. Switch hands and follow that central line up the center of the body. Continue to do this, alternating hands. Find a rhythm that feels right for you and do this for two to three minutes. Breathe!

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click www.EnergyMinute.Innersource.net.

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).

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