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An Intimate Way to Make a Difference


Over the past decade, Donna has been having a love affair with trees. Everything in the book The Hidden Life of Trees resonates with her experience. Not only do trees communicate with one another, but she feels them communicating with her. She senses their consciousness and quiet wisdom. So this intro is particularly meaningful to Donna.

With all the dizzying social turmoil buzzing around you, you may be feeling powerless to make much of a difference anywhere beyond the sphere of your quarantined day-to-day activities. But there is one area where you can take immediate steps that will guarantee a positive impact.

And that is in your choice of toilet paper! Yes, toilet paper. Our collective use of toilet paper worldwide translates, according to National Geographic, into flushing 27,000 trees down the toilet every day! It seems nothing is sacred anymore! How to respond when this most personal of matters contributes to the ecological crisis?


Toilet paper made of bamboo is a viable, comfortable, and readily available alternative. It requires no special chemicals, far less water, and can be harvested every year. It costs only slightly more (and that only until it is in wider use). Here is a consumer guide to various brands. We’ve been using Bim Bam Boo for the past several months. David says, “It’s strong enough.” Donna says, “It’s soft enough.” Based on these authoritative reviews, what are you waiting for?

Intimately yours,

Donna and David

P.S. After all the heavy e-letter introductions in the past several months about topics that are hard to influence, this is a simple step, within your reach. The Earth’s precious forests are her lungs. They are shrinking, and you can make a difference. Tell your friends. And . . . we hope you enjoy this February 2021 issue of your Energy e-letter!

Eden Energy Medicine in Action

Layers of Assessments and Corrections Lead to the Primary
Cause of Panic Disorder and Associated Ailments

Gopita Katharine Manning

EEM Certified Practitioner Gopita Katharine Manning

Case History

When Shawn Swain met with Gopita Katharine Manning, an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, she was suffering from almost daily full blown panic attacks, inability to get a deep breath, body tremors, PVC's [premature ventricular contractions], extreme fear. and tachycardia. Discover how Gopita helped Shawn to turn the tide. 

Do you have your own healing story? We’re always looking for case histories! Please submit your story to our staff writer, Kate Findley, at [email protected].

Join Us on a European River Cruise in 2022!

Enjoy Breathtaking Scenery and Eden Energy Medicine Classes
with Supportive, Like-Minded Friends

European Cruise

We’ll have the whole boat to ourselves!

We're excited to announce our Eden Method European River Cruise down the breath-taking Rhine river, March 22-29, 2022!

It’s been a year since we’ve gathered together in person, and what better way for a grand reconnection than on a fabulous European river cruise?

The scenery is jaw-dropping, and you’ll get a chance to experience it with all-inclusive tours!

The food is mouth-watering delicious and caters to all different food sensitivities. (Also all-inclusive.)

And nothing compares to the energy we create when we come together! It’s so affirming, fun, uplifting, and wonderfully healing.

If you’re want a recharge after the year(s) we’ve had, this is it!

Payment plans are available!

Cabins are limited! Reserve your cabin before Feb 25. to guarantee a spot.

We can’t wait to cruise with you.

Use this link to register and save your spot today.

Transform Yourself in the
13th Annual World Tapping Summit

Presentations by Donna & David on 2/23 and 3/3

Tapping World Summit

Life isn't always easy. Most people are dealing with more stress, anxiety and overwhelm than they realize.

But it doesn't have to be this way. That's why we're so excited to be participating in the 13th Annual Tapping World Summit, a free online event with 25 presentations!

We know from firsthand experience that tapping, also known as EFT or Energy Psychology, is one of the quickest routes to transformation. The event begins Feb. 22.

On Feb. 23, Donna will be speaking on "Expanded Energy Medicine Techniques: How To Incorporate Other Powerful Techniques Into Your Practice."

On March 3, David will be presenting on "How Tapping Changes the Brain: the Latest Research." Other presenters include Dawson Church, Brad Yates, and Abiola Abrams.

Click here to register for free→

Empower Yourself to Heal Yourself and Loved Ones

Learn Donna's Techniques in Level 1: Fundamentals

Level 1 ad

You have an incredible reservoir of healing power already inside you. And your body wants to heal. With Eden Energy Medicine, we tap into that reservoir of healing power within.

And because Donna can see energy, her method combines the best of ancient healing systems with simple techniques that she’s developed to create the best possible energy environment for healing.

In our Level 1: Fundamentals classes, you'll learn:

  • How to take an active role in the healing of yourself and your loved ones.

  • Alternative treatments for pain so you can potentially lessen or completely remove any dependencies on pain medication.

  • Ways to strengthen the immune system so you and loved ones can build resilience to illness.

You'll receive personalized instruction from Certified Eden Energy Medicine teachers in small, intimate classes held in over 50 locations around the world. Some teachers are offering online options depending on the region, so reach out to the teacher in your region to learn more.

If you'd like to bring hope and healing to those who are seeking alternative and complementary health care from qualified professionals, our Level 1: Fundamentals Classes are the perfect next step.

Learn more here -->

Month 4 of the Five Elements Series!

By Donna Eden

Explore the Five Elements In This 6-Part Newsletter Series

Donna Eden and the Five Elements



Fires are spontaneous, optimistic, and energetic. They are passionate people who love to laugh and/or giggle a lot. They value safe, heart-felt contact with others. The dominant stress emotion for Fire is panic.

Fires have a bouncing, skipping, and joyous step, often with bursts of speed. It is exuberant, expressive, and radiant. They may take multiple detours, pulled here and there by whatever catches their attention, like a butterfly that alights and then flies away. Fires are lively and responsive to their surroundings. 

Online Program Coming This Summer!

Your Energy Minute

Taking Down the Flame with Dondi Dahlin!

Taking Down The Flame will help you if you suffer from panic and anxiety attacks. This will also help to reduce blood pressure.

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