February 2023 Newsletter

While Donna’s background in energy healing and David's background in psychology represent vastly different disciplines, somehow we've been able to merge our areas of expertise in Donna's approach to Energy Medicine and David's approach to Energy Psychology. Nowhere, however, is this integration more evident than in our work on "The Energies of Love."

Decades before we wrote our New York Times best-selling book, Energies of Love, we were offering seminars based on having used an energy approach to overcome many of the problems in our own relationship, summarized by Donna’s favorite adage on the matter, "Thank God I didn’t leave David when I should have" (you can watch Donna saying this in the video below!) One of our most fun Energies of Love projects was interviewing, in-depth, several well-known couples who had exemplary relationships.

For instance, during their courtship, Marcela Lobos wouldn’t marry Alberto Villoldo until they had very consciously come into alignment with one another at each of their seven chakras. Now they regularly enter one another’s nighttime dreams and compare notes the next morning over breakfast. In honor of this Valentine's Day, we are providing free access to that dynamic interview.

This e-letter issue offers many other gems about energy and love. We hope you enjoy it!

In the Energies of Love,
Donna and David

P.S. Our six-hour Energies of Love online seminar is still available and you can find out more here.

Donna and David feeling the Energies of Love soon after saying "I do!"
October 7, 1984

Inside this issue:

  • How Tapping Transformed a Troubled Marriage
  • The Secret to Receiving the Love We Deserve and Desire
  • "Picture Perfect" Love
  • A Special Free Gift for You and the One You Love
  • Thank God I Didn’t Leave David When I Should Have!
  • The Community "Speaks" Up: We Love you David and Dondi!
  • This Month’s Featured Event
  • Your Energy Minute: Energies of Love Edition

Energy Medicine in Action

How "Tapping" Transformed a Troubled Marriage

Jim and Elizabeth’s 8-year marriage was in trouble. Jim was frustrated that, no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn’t seem to help his wife feel better when she was upset. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was convinced Jim didn’t care and that he no longer loved her. Their marriage seemed to be headed straight for the rocks until David helped them address their issues with the transformational power of tapping.

Read more >>>

The Secret to Receiving the Love We Desire

David, Donna, Dawson, and Christine

One of the exemplary couples Donna and David interviewed for their "Energies of Love" project was Dawson and Christine Church. Dawson and Christine learned that one of the secrets to receiving the love we deserve and desire is to understand the early patterns that influence adult relationships. We learn these "attachment styles" as infants, based on the nature of our bond with our caregivers. We tend to then re-enact these bonding styles in our adult relationships.

Attachment styles explain why we might be attracted to the same kinds of toxic partners over and over again. Why we might repeat dysfunctional behaviors. Our attachment styles are unconscious, so we usually think the problem is "out there" with the other person. We fail to use the leverage we have "in here" by understanding our own patterns.

Dawson has written a "Relationship Styles" report designed to help you identify which of the 3 basic attachment styles you are, which styles you’re attracted to, and how to make healthy choices. His report includes a bonus "attachment style quiz" and while you would have to give his organization your email address, you can download the report for free here >>>

"Picture Perfect" Valentine!

Can you guess who this young woman is? If you said "Donna," you're absolutely right! When Dondi found out that the theme for this month's e-letter is love, she felt she had to share this beautiful vintage photo of her mom. Donna's graceful, elegant silhouette and the gentle pink hue of the photo seem to radiate the energies of love and romance. As Dondi puts it, "This photo of Mom always reminds me of Valentine's month!" 😃

A Special Free Gift For You and the One You Love ❤️‍

We’re so grateful for our loving, supportive Eden Method community, and we want to celebrate you this Valentine’s season with a special gift! Top 10 Tips for Couples is a quick and accessible compilation from Donna and David’s best-selling The Energies of Love. Designed to enhance your relationship with that special someone in your life, it includes energy-based tools you can use at any time to start cultivating a fulfilling partnership that lasts a lifetime!

Download Top 10 Tips for Couples for free here >>>

Thank God I Didn’t Leave David When I Should Have 🙂

Donna says she and David are so different from each other that in the beginning, none of their friends thought their relationship would last! But 46 years later, their marriage is stronger than ever, and Donna explains why in this inspiring, eye-opening, and refreshingly candid 2-minute video clip. Click here to watch >>>

David Debuts on Instagram!

Thank you for the love!

Our own David Feinstein bravely made his debut on Instagram Reels recently, and we’re delighted to announce that it was a resounding success! So far, David and Dondi’s fun little skit on "How to Calm Yourself Instantly with Tapping" is a major hit receiving over 40,000 views and over 2,500 "hearts" (and counting!). This may be David’s first performance on Instagram, but we certainly hope it’s not his last 😃 The community has "spoken" up and their message is loud and clear: We love you, David and Dondi! Click HERE to watch >>>

This Month's Featured Program

Level 1: Fundamentals Classes are Starting!

Level 1: Fundamentals can empower you to take an active role in healing yourself and your loved ones using gentle, non-invasive, and highly effective Eden Energy Medicine tools and techniques. Classes are held in person and available in multiple locations worldwide.

Each class is purposefully kept small and led by highly-trained Eden Energy Medicine practitioners, so you have everything you need to feel confident about your skills -- even if you’ve never worked with energy before!

Plus, if you've ever considered making Eden Energy Medicine a career, completion of Level 1 qualifies you to enter Level 2 of our world-renowned Certification program!

Classes start just once a year, so find a class near you today >>>

Your Energy Minute: Energies of Love Edition

The Gift That Can Make Your Loved One Happier (And It Doesn’t Cost a Dime!)

What if you could give your partner a gift that makes them happy but doesn’t cost you a dime? Well, you can! Here’s a simple technique you can do to encourage a healthy flow of energy and also light up the Radiant Circuits to encourage deeper joy and healing. Watch this delightful video as Donna and David have fun demonstrating this technique from sunny, breezy San Diego.

Click here to watch and follow along >>>

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