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As this first month of 2020 scurries toward a close, we’ve all had ample opportunity to break the New Year’s resolutions we somehow hoped would transform our habits around health, wealth, happiness, and love. If you are still hopeful, skip this Introduction and go directly to the remainder of the e-letter.

But if you are wondering why commonsense resolutions are so hard to keep, you may want to revisit the life and practices of one of your most forceful energy systems, roughly translated from the Chinese as “Triple Warmer.”

Triple Warmer is charged with maintaining survival habits. You have survived to this point, so it is not concerned with changing the habits that have gotten you this far. Its policy is to keep longstanding habits in place. Even more obstinate are habits that have biochemical roots.

Your existence is proof that your ancestors survived, so the habits that their accumulated experiences have wired into your nervous system are Triple Warmer’s darlings. It bets on these proven survival strategies rather than the trifling preferences of your will. It cares that you have stored enough body fat to survive the next famine, not how you look in a bathing suit. It is steadfastly devoted to ensuring that you will live to see another day. Whether or not you will be happy on that day is not its concern.

So, whose concern is your happiness? Triple Warmer is opposed by another energy system, called the “Radiant Circuits.” The two systems have a teeter-totter relationship.

But when your life is highly stressful, when you relentlessly push yourself, when your aspirations are so large that you wind up judging yourself for not being who you want to be rather than accepting who you are, Triple Warmer muscles up. It can overrule the Radiant Circuits that are the very energies of happiness.

But you can boost your Radiant Circuits! This e-letter issue inaugurates a series of articles about how to do that. It also gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the filming we’ve been doing this month for an upcoming online course on this most enchanting of your energy systems.

We close with the riddle that was famously answered by Bobby McFerrin before we even posed the question: What did the Radiant Circuit say to the Triple Warmer?

“Don’t worry. Be Happy!”


 Donna and David
Donna and David summer

Restoring Vision After Surgery, Despite Doctor's Prognosis

Sarah Owen

Sarah Owen, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Case Study

We are delighted to hear about all the wonderful benefits you've been experiencing from our 31-Day Healthy Eye Challenge. Sarah Owen, who many of you may recognize as one of our EEM Certification instructors, has also benefited enormously from Eden Energy eye exercises.

After a troubling diagnosis followed by retinal surgery, Sarah was told that the most she could hope for in that eye was 20/40 vision with corrective lenses. This only made her more determined to use EEM to improve her vision. Discover what she did and why it inspired two ophthalmologists and an optometrist to say, “It’s miraculous!”

31-Day Healthy Eye Challenge

eye image

We are THRILLED to be reading the many positive comments on our Facebook and YouTube channels about how the 31-Day Healthy Eye Challenge is helping so many of you in our community!

"This healthy eye challenge has been absolutely amazing. My eyes are feeling less tired and the dark circles are already fading. Some of the puffiness has disappeared, and I just realized that I don’t need my reading glasses when looking at my phone!"

Barb MacConnell Dyment

It's not too late to take part in the fun and improve the health of your eyes! Join us on either Facebook or YouTube and follow along with one of our Eden Energy Method teachers or staff members!

Together we've raised over $20,000!

Donna with class

Thanks to generous readers like you, we’ve raised $21,945—enough for 11 scholarships for Level 3 Certification students!

In Level 3, our students take their knowledge and application of Energy Medicine to the next level, emerging from the course as confident practitioners who go on to serve their communities.

Last year we received enough to offer 15 scholarships, and our goal this year is to fund 20 scholarships.

It's not too late to donate.

If you would like to help us in delivering an empowering, affordable, and effective healthcare alternative, please consider a donation to our Eden Energy Medicine Scholarship Drive. There are so many deserving students eager for an opportunity to further their Energy Medicine skills.

Meet our Keynote Speakers for ENERGY FEST!
We’re super excited!

Energy Fest

We're excited to announce that we have finalized our list of wonderful and inspiring keynote speakers! We just got news that Heather Dane and Dawson Church will be joining Jean Houston and Lee Harris for ENERGY FEST on September 10 - 13.

Meet Heather Dane:

Known as the 21st Century Medicine Woman, Heather Dane draws from her Native American lineage, Energy Medicine training, and extensive knowledge of nutrition to inform her approach to holistic healing. She was Louise Hay’s personal health coach and they wrote two books together, including the acclaimed Loving Yourself to Great Health. Heather has a Hay House Radio show and is the visionary behind the Wellness Project by Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, a nonprofit project to rebuild medicine with indigenous peoples around the world.

Meet Jean Houston:

Jean Houston is a scholar, philosopher, and prolific author of 26 books, including Jump Timewhich investigate the power of human potential. She has done extensive work with international education, working as an advisor for UNICEF and the United Nations Development Program. Her talks merge history and spirituality with quantum mechanics to deliver an inspiring message, encourage us to transcend the boundaries of limiting beliefs both on an individual and global scale. Oprah Winfrey says that Jean Houston is formidable in her knowledge of the spiritual realm and spiritual experience here on earth, and Deepak Chopra says that Jean Houston is the most important person alive today in social development.

Meet Lee Harris:

A globally-acclaimed Energy Intuitive and Transformational Guide, Lee Harris helps conscious, intuitive people to thrive. His book Energy Speaks became an instant best-seller and is a blueprint on how to navigate through the most important matters in life with the assistance of spiritual guides. As a musician and artist, he infuses his audio recordings and courses with the healing vibrations of sound and creativity. Lee reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month in his vibrant online community and with his monthly Energy Updates so you can navigate life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism.

Meet Dawson Church:

Dawson Church's bestselling book Mind to Matter shows you how to revitalize your health through the power of your thoughts. He is the founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare, which promotes groundbreaking new treatments in Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology. He shares how to apply the breakthroughs of energy psychology to health and personal performance through EFT Universe, one of the largest alternative medicine sites on the web.

Radiant Circuits Online Course

What do joy, bliss, wonder, and awe have in common? They all arise from the energy of your radiant circuits.

We’re in the process of filming a new online course for you. Here are some photos from the set. For more information on the radiant circuits, check out our new 8-part e-letter series below!

Donna and Titanya during filming

Titanya helps Donna look camera-ready.

Donna David and Dondi on set

Donna, David, and Dondi on-set with camera operators Jerry Willis and
Frank Carrino


Explore the Radiant Circuits With Us In Our New 8-Part Series

Radiant Circuit series

Intro to the Radiant Circuits

By Donna Eden


The Radiant Circuits are about joy!!!! They also mobilize strength, resilience, spontaneous healing, and vitality within the body. They are a vital resource, and unlike meridians, which are bound to their pathways, it is the body's design that the Radiant Circuits jump to wherever they are most needed. Beyond doing repair work, they are also primary energies in exhilaration, falling in love, orgasm, hope, gratitude, rapture, and spiritual ecstasy. I love these energies and have variously called them the “glad glows,” “funky flows,” and “joy generators.”

In the next 7 weeks of the e-letter series, I’ll talk about each of the circuits so you can activate them for more joy, wonder, and awe in your life!

Balance Hormones and Stimulate Endorphins with

Dondi and Titanya Dahlin

The Radiant Circuits are circuits on the body which increase pleasure and stimulate endorphins. The Penetrating Flow engages the Radiant Circuits and balances hormones!

Begin by rubbing your back where you find your kidneys, then trace your hands around to the front of your body. Breathe in and zip up the Central meridian line to your chest. Breathe out and rest here. Next, bring your hands through the Throat chakra and place your hands in front of your mouth. Breathe deeply three times, then bring your hands back to the Heart chakra. Rest your hands here with a sigh.

To view the complete collection of Eden Energy Medicine videos, click www.EnergyMinute.Innersource.net.

For more information, see Energy Medicine, (Tarcher/Penguin, 2008).

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