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Staff Meeting 2020

Our Wonderful Eden Method Team During Our Annual Staff Meeting!

We are excited for 2021! No question that it is going to be a challenging year. The virus is taking more lives worldwide right now than ever. Economies are strained. People are suffering. Communities are divided. Tensions are high.

But there is also a spirit of renewal in the air. We choose to align ourselves with hope. We choose to continue to do all we can to turn that hope into reality. While 2020 was a struggle for everyone, we brought energy healing techniques to more people than ever before! And we have received so much gratitude from individuals who have benefitted that we are humbled.

This issue of the e-letter addresses a challenge that is not unique to the current times, but one that captivates the attention of anyone it touches directly or via a loved one. And that is cancer. Cancer is frightening. No way around it. Yet more people than ever are overcoming it. You will learn about some of the most hopeful developments below.

Sending our love and blessings for a beautiful and deeply gratifying 2021,

 Donna and David

Eden Energy Medicine in Action

Managing Pain and Chemotherapy, and
Enabling a Peaceful Transition at Life’s End

Diana Warren

EEM Advanced Practitioner Diana Warren

Case History

Bea received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in June 2013, followed by surgery (a hysterectomy) and then chemotherapy. Later in the year, two friends gave her the gift of sessions with EEM Advanced Practitioner Diana Warren to help reduce the impact of chemotherapy and regulate her illness. Discover how these sessions made a "huge difference" for Bea in this article by psychotherapist and EEM practitioner Susan Apollon.

"I wish people could just be open-minded about this. It truly works, and you have nothing to lose. I would strongly encourage people to start it on a regular basis as soon as they are diagnosed because it can help diminish the effects of your treatments and you will feel better!"

-Quoted from Bea's Story

Do you have your own healing story? We’re always looking for case histories! Please submit your story to our staff writer, Kate Findley, at [email protected].

Effective and Non-Toxic Solutions for
Preventing and Reversing Cancer

Join Donna and David Along with Over 24 Other Experts

Global Cancer Symposium

We're thrilled to be participating in the Global Cancer Symposium, hosted by our colleague Nathan Crane, a multi-award winning documentary filmmaker, author, and international speaker. He has brought together over two dozen of the leading cancer experts from around the world to share the most effective, affordable, scientifically validated, and non-toxic solutions for preventing and reversing cancer during this week-long event.

This free event runs from February 8 - 14. On February 10, Donna and David will be speaking on "The Hidden Source Within: A Powerful Guide To Energy Medicine."

Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer and want to find new, innovative ways to fight it, you’re helping a loved one in the battle, working as a healthcare professional, or you simply want to do all you can to prevent a diagnosis, this is the place to be.

Use this link to register and save your spot today.

What to Say to People Who Are Skeptical
About Energy Medicine

Donna and David's Energy Magazine Article

You can not do it poster

"How do you know it's not just the placebo effect?" "Is it actually working?" "Where's the scientific proof?"

Just about all of us in the energy community have experienced these reactions when trying to explain energy healing to the unconverted. Because energy is subtle and defies the principles of material science, it is often challenging for people to wrap their head around it, particularly if they come from a conventional science background.

Thankfully, you can persuasively explain Energy Medicine to a skeptic using clinical examples and pointing to empirical research. You'll discover how in our Energy Magazine article (which is adapted from a scholarly article we published earlier in the year – this one is more reader-friendly). You'll also learn how ideas move from skepticism to acceptance and Energy Medicine's place in healthcare.

Learn More→

Thank You to All Our Scholarship Donors!

Help Spread Energy Healing to the World

Scholarship goal graphic

We are so grateful!!! You in our community have raised enough for 16 scholarships for our Level 3 Certification program! Thank you to everyone for making a donation during these difficult times. You have made a huge difference—not only in the lives of our scholarship recipients but also in communities around the world who will now benefit from having a highly trained practitioner in their area.

Our goal is 20 scholarships. With your help, it is within reach! If you’d like to make a tax-free donation, click here >>

The Mysteries of the Heart!

Download This Fact-Filled Infographic

Mysteries of the Heart

These facts are brought to you by the HeartMath Institute Research Center, where ongoing research is being conducted to help explain the connection and role of the heart in our emotion-based experiences.

Click HERE to download  >>

Congratulations to Everyone Who Took The Joy Challenge!

People Are Reporting Benefits!

Joy Challenge

Recently we held a 10-Day Joy Challenge to activate your Radiant Circuits. Here's what you had to say:

"This was great! Exactly what we all are needing! Such a beautiful background too. I couldn't help but SMILE the whole way through!! Can't thank you enough for this, for all the challenges and techniques you all share with us!"

~ Hayley Rose

"I am over the moon with love, peace, joy in every aspect of my being! And it feels wonderful!!"

~ Daphne Lewin

"I have been sharing the Radiant Circuit exercises with the staff of a large community hospital. They are too busy to take their regular breaks often, but they find 5 minutes is a great way to de-stress and will show up to learn to put some joy back in their lives. I have also taken these exercises into a Long Term Care home. They love them! These techniques are making a world of difference to those suffering right now."

~ Vivian Greene

"My sincere thanks. I did not expect myself to be more relaxed and not easily irritated after the second week of this daily exercise. I've been meditating for years, yet it simply removed my stress for a short time. But I'm doing this radiant circuit every afternoon after I come from work followed by meditation. Now I'm regaining my old self with joyful personality. Thank u so much....."

~ Eling Moo

"I have truly loved the Ten Day Joy Challenge, some days I have done the exercises twice. I have always been a joyful type of person, so I was interested to see how the challenge would help me. I think it's safe to say that my stamina has increased. Lack of energy has been a major problem for me for most of my life, but right now I feel I can keep going in the day for longer and without the headaches that come with the exhaustion I experience. So, a very big thank you for putting this together."

~ Christina Mitchell

Even though the challenge is "officially" over, you can take it any time and review the videos as often as you like—and we would encourage you to do so!

Click here to get started on YouTube -->

If you want to dive deeper into the Radiant Circuits, sign up for Donna’s hour-long FREE Class. You’ll learn how to trace all your radiant circuits so you can live in a state of more joy and wonder!

Sign up for Donna's free class -->

Month 3 of the Five Elements Series!

By Donna Eden

Explore the Five Elements In This 6-Part Newsletter Series

Donna Eden and the Five Elements



If you need to complete a big project, recruit a Wood! Woods are very assertive and clear about where they stand. Bold, decisive, and fiercely independent, Woods enjoy organizing and structuring any situation. When someone is obviously being treated unfairly, a Wood will stand up for the oppressed.

 Woods have quick staccato steps but are also grounded, as if rooted to the earth. They like to move quickly with few detours. They often make a bee-line toward a goal, without looking from side to side. The dominant emotion for Woods is anger and frustration.

Your Energy Minute

When You Feel Fear, Tap with Donna Eden
and the Oregon Eden Method Staff!

A cancer diagnosis is often accompanied by a huge amount of fear. Watch this video on tapping to alleviate fear, stress, and overwhelm!

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