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We promised in our May e-letter that we would talk about additional ways we are fielding the current crisis, beyond using the EEM techniques we had been sharing. Our focus for this e-letter is on the power of both individual and collective compassion. In fact, the pandemic can be seen as a prompt from nature to bring about a more compassionate world.

In almost every major religious and spiritual tradition, compassion is held as being among the greatest of virtues. Entering a state of compassion not only motivates you to go out of your way to help with the physical and emotional suffering of another, it opens you energetically to the larger story in which we are all a part.

It trains your nervous system to be available for connection rather than to retreat into isolation. The evolution of highly developed forms of compassion is considered by social scientists to be the pivotal human trait that has allowed us to create great civilizations. A lot to think about there.

For me, Donna, I seem wired for compassion. It makes me relentless in my healing work, turning over every stone to find a way to reduce my client’s illness and pain.

Compassion is the most complex of feelings. It forces my attention to go to the suffering of another, and I feel that suffering kinesthetically. My heart becomes heavy and literally hurts. My eyes want to cry. The other’s predicament becomes my predicament. “I feel your pain” goes from just an expression to becoming the reality of my body, mind, and spirit. Not a great advertisement for compassion so far, is it!

But something wonderful overshadows all of that. I connect with the person energetically. My boundaries open. I enter a love space. This connects me with all of humanity. My whole body and being is flooded with love.

Continue reading this letter from Donna and David, which includes a meditation for meeting, with an enlightened compassion, the pain we encounter in the media every day.


Donna and David

Donna and David summer

Working Through Postpartum Depression with the Spleen Flush

Grace Carey

"I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn about this life-changing work."

Case History

After Grace Carey had her fifth baby, her postpartum depression became so severe that she couldn't drive alone or she would be overwhelmed by the urge to drive off the road and kill herself. Then she turned to some Energy Medicine exercises taught in Fundamentals student Christa Gifford’s Women’s Circle and everything changed for her.

Advocating for Energy Medicine with the NIH

The Rightful Place of Subtle Energies Within Mainstream Medicine

“Science advances one funeral at a time.”

– Max Planck

Or, as spelled out in an article that quotes this famous statement by Planck, one of the pioneering nuclear physicists: “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

So it seems with Western medicine as the field has been invited from many directions to embrace more of a subtle energy perspective. Medical students and young doctors, at least those we meet, seem much more open to this perspective than established medical institutions.

Meanwhile, subtle energies – which carry complex information, exhibit intelligence, and orchestrate biological processes – are central concepts in innumerable ancient healing traditions around the world. Of course it is because these energies are not easily detected that they are called “subtle.” But they are not trivial. The entire basis of Energy Medicine is that such energies impact the body’s health and can be mobilized to support healing.

While we have an enormous amount of anecdotal evidence that Eden Energy Medicine is effective, based on reports from both clients and practitioners, we have not been able to attract funding for systematic research into the approach. Relevant to this dilemma is the U.S. National Institutes of Health, which has a division called the “National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.”

This division has tremendous influence on how EEM will be viewed and supported (or not) by the medical establishment. Among other functions, they decide how to distribute all the government funding for health care research that increases understanding and acceptance of “complementary” health care approaches (their 2020 budget was $152 million). They just drafted their 5-Year (2021-2026) Strategic Objectives Plan and invited input from “Stakeholders,” such as ourselves.

Their Plan has much we like, including a whole-person focus that goes way beyond treating the body as a collection of mechanical parts. But it does not leave room for the concept of subtle energies or why they should be considered in a wholistic approach to health care. The response we have submitted addresses this, and we thought it might interest you. Click here -->

Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit

Live Longer, Overcome Stress, and Experience Fulfillment

Healing Chronic Stress and Disease summit

We are very excited to participate in the Healing Chronic Stress and Disease Summit, hosted by Master Mingtong Gu and Nathan Crane. This 7-day free online event is packed with amazing speakers who will be offering a variety of natural healing modalities including Energy Medicine, Qigong, meditation, nutrition, and epigenetics.

Our talk, Power of Energy Healing, will air on August 15. Other topics include:

  • Health, Healing, and Spirituality in Times of Crisis
  • Healing Chronic Autoimmune Diseases
  • Longevity and Indigenous Healing Modalities
  • Qigong Wisdom and Meditation for Healing Chronic Pain
  • Healing through Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom
  • Overcoming Sugar and Substance Addiction
  • Improving Women’s Hormonal Wellness and Longevity
  • And so much more!

3-Day Energy Healing Virtual Weekend

Energy Fest is now the Energy Healing Virtual Weekend!

Energy Healing Virtual Weekend

September 11 – 13, 2020

As we announced a few weeks ago, we made the difficult decision to postpone September’s Energy Fest until 2022. In the meantime, we have been in creative mode and have envisioned an amazing virtual online experience for you over that weekend.

We are thrilled that three of our scheduled Keynotes from Energy Fest (Dawson Church, Lee Harris, and Jean Houston) have blocked off time in their schedules to join Donna and David! FIVE other amazing speakers (to be announced in an email next month) and additional surprise guests will make our time together even more special. Titanya’s Energy Dance will liven things up as well!

It’s going to be a unique and enriching event
that will inspire and uplift you.

Since some of you have asked, we are still battling with the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel (part of the Marriott chain) regarding our potential six-figure penalty for cancelling Energy Fest. We have our best representatives on it and are hopeful it will work out in the end.

Either way, the Energy Healing Weekend is going to be a virtual event that you don’t want to miss. Watch your email in August for the formal announcement and all of the exciting details!

How the Radiant Circuits Changed Donna's Life

Facing Divorce, Losing Weight, and Healing Multiple Sclerosis

Donna and Dondi talk about how the Radiant Circuits gave her the courage and presence to leave her first husband, helped heal her Multiple Sclerosis and allergies, helped her lose weight, and so much more!

Month 7 Of The Radiant Circuit Series!

Explore the Radiant Circuits In This 8-Part Newsletter Series

Radiant Circuit series

The Belt Flow Circuit

By Donna Eden


The Belt Flow Circuit surrounds the waist. It connects the energies of the top and bottom parts of the body. Enabling the distribution of energies up and down the body is the critical health task of the Belt Flow Circuit. It also helps all of the meridians to move in harmony and orchestrates the chakras.

Psychologically and spiritually, the Belt Flow Circuit is involved with:

  • how grounded we are
  • how inspired we are
  • how grounded we can stay when reaching to our spiritual heights,
  • how high we can reach while staying grounded

If you want to know more, we just released a free one-hour class with Donna that will show you how to activate your Radiant Circuits and shift into gratitude, awe, and trust. Sign up here -->

Your Energy Minute

Help for Digestion and Lower Back Pain with Dondi Dahlin!

The Belt Flow tracing/massage is a wonderful technique for helping to alleviate back pain, balance hormones, and aid digestion. Dondi shows you how!

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