July 2022 Newsletter

In the midst of the world’s turmoil, we have some fun news to report. We just updated our Instagram channel and started posting REELS, which are one-minute video clips. Much to our surprise, a 1-minute video of Dondi doing the thymus thump hit over 3 million plays in about one month!

We have never posted anything with "views" in mind – we have focused on the quality of what we put out. But being able to reach 3 million people with one post is a game changer. (Read the full story and link to the video below!)

This is especially rewarding since we’ve been bringing energy medicine to larger and larger segments of the public now for over 40 years. It started after I, Donna, used my own energy to heal myself of multiple sclerosis and caught on fire wanting to share what I’d discovered about working with difficult medical problems. In those days, energy healing was still a radical concept, but it was so empowering that I knew I had to let everyone know what I had discovered:

You, me, all of us have a powerful healing energy inside that we can encourage and support to do its job – restore us to our natural state of health and vibrance.

So, David and I hit the road!

Our book, Energy Medicine, came out in 1999, and we traveled city to city teaching about energy healing. While we were touching people deeply, we’ve been known to present to just 10 people in the room!

Slowly, however, through word of mouth, our heartfelt appeals to use the body’s energies for healing were being heard. Energy Medicine was catching on, people were using it and getting great results, and we were thrilled that people were finding their inner healer.

And then this thing called the Internet happened, and our reach multiplied exponentially. We’ve expanded all over the world. Our book has been translated into 20 languages. Our Fundamentals classes stretch from the Czech Republic to Australia. We have 140k people on our YouTube channel and 170k Facebook followers. We sometimes have to pinch ourselves to be sure it’s not a dream.

What is a dream is our dream of helping not just hundreds, but millions of people become healthier and happier, and it is coming true! Thank you for joining us on this journey. If you haven’t yet discovered the healing power of your own energy, dive in! We are here to help you along the way.

Here’s what’s included in this issue:

  • Energy Medicine in Action
  • Watch Our Viral Video on Instagram!
  • Romanian Rhapsody: Transforming Lives on TikTok
  • Eden Energy Medicine Wows a Tough Crowd in Taiwan
  • Eden Living Enrollment is Open for a Limited Time
  • Lending a Helping Hand in Haiti
  • EEM Arrives in Prague
  • The Impact of Cultural Denial on Health and Even Survival
  • A Chance to Gather In Person at Energy Fest
  • Claim Your Free Pass: The Energy Healing Rescue
  • Your Energy Minute - Help for Headaches, TMJ, and more.

Much love,
Donna and David

Energy Medicine in Action

On The Spot Relief in India with The Crown Pull and More

One of our students demonstrates the Crown Pull.

Toronto-based EEM Advanced Practitioner and Certification Program Faculty Member, Eva Gold, is no stranger to the healing power of energy medicine, but there is one particularly magical experience that stands out in her mind. It happened some years back when Eva was invited to deliver an in-person keynote at a major healing conference in India. Read More >>>

We’re "Viral" on Instagram

The Thymus Thump Becomes a Global Phenomenon

They say bad news travels fast, but it turns out that good news can travel even faster 🙂 Our Dondi Dahlin’s enchanting video on Instagram has achieved "viral" status in just a few weeks. At the time of this writing, Dondi’s charming demonstration of the thymus thump has reached over 3 million views, and 94,000 likes with 70,000 shares and counting! Click here to watch >>

If you haven’t already, feel free to follow us on Instagram (here) and on Facebook (here).

Romanian Rhapsody: Transforming Lives on TikTok

Congratulations to Mădălina Petre, MD and EEM Practitioner

Mădălina Petre, MD, is a gastroenterologist and EEM practitioner from Romania who wanted to bridge the gap between energy medicine and mainstream medicine. She posted a few videos on TikTok without any expectations. No one was more surprised than Dr. Petre when one of her videos reached over 50,000 views (since then, some of her videos have gained over 1 million views!). Dr. Petre’s success on TikTok has even earned her a coveted invite to appear on Romania’s National Television where she introduced herself as a medical doctor and an EEM practitioner. Congratulations, Dr. Petre; we’re so proud of you! Click here to visit her TikTok channel >>>

Energy Medicine Wows a (Tough) Crowd in Taiwan!

Annamaria Paciulli of Italy was one of our most talented and cherished EEM practitioners. She was also among our greatest advocates. Sadly, Annamaria passed away a few years ago. However, her passion and devotion to energy medicine live on in her students and in the lives she touched around the world. We remember a wonderful story she shared with us about teaching EEM in Taiwan. Read more >>>

Eden Living Enrollment is Open

Become a Member and Connect With Your People!

Eden Living is a one-of-a-kind online community where you can build a lifelong habit of using energy tools to improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. Membership includes special access to wisdom, guidance, and love from Donna herself in a live online segment, every, single month (you won’t find this anywhere else!)

You'll also have the chance to connect with advanced Eden Method practitioners and beautiful, loving, and supportive people from around the world under one "digital" roof. Eden Living enrollment opens just a couple of times a year, and the good news is our "virtual" doors are open!

Click here to join while the doors are open >>>

Lending a Helping Hand in Haiti!

This is one of our favorite photos of all time! It was taken when certified practitioner, Kristin Trotter Van Wey, volunteered to teach energy medicine in Haiti after a major earthquake hit the island. We feel this photo captures the joyful, indomitable spirit of Haiti’s beautiful children. We love how it shows that anyone at any age can embrace and enjoy the healing power of energy medicine.

EEM Arrives in Prague!

EEM Advanced Practitioner, Vladimira Dragnea, shared a meaningful photo with us on Facebook. It’s a picture of the very first EEM class in Prague, which also makes it the first in Central Europe. Vladimira says it was a big success. "I had amazing students from all over Europe! I loved our location -- an eco farm that makes you forget you’re in a big city.".


"Politics" is derived from the juicer Greek word, "politeia," which implies an active engagement in which people empower each other to enhance their communities. – Jean Houston

"The Earth is what we all have in common."

—Wendell Berry

8th of Series

If you didn’t read the first installment, we suggest you start here.

Denial and the Politics of Health

Donna Eden and David Feinstein

In last month’s e-letter, we wrote our strongest statement to our community ever about our concerns regarding the health choices we are making at a national level in the U.S. The article was called "What Are You Doing with Your Outrage." Most who responded in the comments section were highly appreciative of what we shared, but about one in ten felt outraged by the article itself (one person said she was having to use our techniques to quell her outrage with us . . . at least one person unsubscribed). We were not surprised, but again reminded that these are highly charged issues and that no one is really looking to us for political advice. That is true, and 99+ percent of what we put out is not political.

For those who feel we are overstepping our bounds, most of what we teach is not influenced by our political leanings. It is based on our experience with energy healing. Bodies are apolitical. We hope you will continue to utilize what we have to offer in that arena and ignore the tiny fraction that you feel is not within our proper scope (including this article).

We, however, will continue to assert that it is within our scope to comment on political choices that impact health. And here we go. Since our "outrage" article following the Supreme Court’s decisions on abortion and gun control, the Court made another ruling that will have a major impact on health. It reduced the Environmental Protection Agency's power to regulate the carbon emissions that cause climate change.

The health costs of global warming include cardiovascular ailments, respiratory difficulties, heat stroke, and increased hospitalization and emergency room visits, not to mention broader consequences such as threats to food supplies and the suffering caused by wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters exacerbated by rising temperatures. In Spain, 360 people died last week because of the heat wave; 248 in Portugal. Emergency rooms have been overwhelmed. Wildfires are consuming swaths of Europe. They were being battled by more than 3,000 firefighters in Portugal alone. Temperatures exceeded 110 degrees in many countries last week, and it has been unrelenting as we’ve moved into this week. Roads and railroad tracks are buckling.

The science establishing that global warming is directly related to human-generated carbon emissions is about as solid as the evidence for the existence of gravity. An authoritative study in 2021 found consensus in well over 99% of scientific papers that human actions are the cause of climate change. Papers that disagreed with the consensus were primarily "science" slanted by politics. They either contained easily identifiable errors or could not be replicated. Replication is one of the hallmarks of science. Yet the Supreme Court voted 6-3 to weaken the already far-too weak regulations.

In 1998, David co-authored an article for the prestigious journal, World Futures, that analyzed the downfall of the civilization that populated Easter Island. Here is a passage from that paper. The paper is even more pertinent today than when it was written. Read more >>>

Registration is Now Open!

Let's Celebrate Together!

This year’s Energy Fest is shaping up to be one of our best ones yet! You’ll have the chance to discover the latest and greatest in energy healing while learning directly from some of the world’s most celebrated teachers, including Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Thema Bryant, Alberto Villoldo, and Donna too (of course!). Oh, and this isn’t your average "ho-hum" learning experience. It’s a festive gathering like no other (our dance parties are legendary!) Register now, and you’ll save $300 with our special early bird tickets 🙂 Learn more & sign up here >>

Claim Your Free Pass: The Energy Healing Rescue

Sponsored by Hay House!

We have an exciting announcement! Our friends at Hay House are hosting a free virtual energy healing event featuring Donna, David, Dondi, Dawson Church, and Anodea Judith. You’ll learn simple energy healing tools you can use in the moment to release painful emotions, gain mental clarity, and restore depleted energy. You’ll also have access to guided demonstrations on EFT tapping, chakra charging… and much more! Don’t forget the entire event is online, and it’s 100% free 🙂

Learn more and sign up for free

Your Energy Minute

Massage the Ears for Better Health

In today’s energy minute you’ll discover a fun, easy-to-do massage technique you can enjoy any time, anywhere. It’s a simple exercise that can free up your energy, and help you find relief from headaches and TMJ while loosening the muscles in the face. Dondi shows you exactly how to do it from Bratislava, Slovakia 🙂 Watch here >>>

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